Muscle Building Guide for Skinny Guys – Diet & Exercise

If you are a skinny guy, you might have to lose many great opportunities to prove your abilities just because of your thin and weak body that makes you feel shy or embarrassment. You might not be popular in your social network or may be nobody even feels your presence. This is really a matter of great concern and surely you would wish to bulk up now.

Muscle Building

If you are eating more than just killing your hunger and having regular exercises as well, there should be improvement in your body figures. If you have not seen any progress yet, then you must change your eating habits and training methods as these might not be for you.

Storage of Protein in Your Body

If you store a sufficient amount of protein in your body, this will be helpful in producing and growing new muscles. But the same storage of protein is used by your body in other productive activities such as the growth of hormones. The actual problem occurs when there is no storage of protein in your body that could be used in muscles development. There is only one way to fix this problem that is to store more protein than your body needs to utilize for other purposes.

How Much Protein You Need to Eat?

Eat protein according to your body weight which means 1 gram for 1 pound of body weight. If you are a man of 150 pound, you should consume 150 grams of protein everyday as this should be enough for your body to burn and save as well for muscle building process.

Meat for Pure Vegetarians

There are so many people who eat nothing but the veggies. If you are skinny plus purely vegetarian, you must bring a change in your diet as eating meat will help you greatly in your efforts. Meat will provide your body with fats and proteins with which you can put on maximum weight.

Don’t Forget to Rest

Without training you cannot transform your body from skinny to strong body physique but one thing that you should not forget is to give your body complete rest after having workouts. When you are having rest, your body gets a chance to recover its ability to restore and rebuild damaged muscles.

Necessary Exercises

If you in your initial stage of training, even the simple exercises will prove to be of high intensity for you. But if you have already spent some time in training and now are more comfortable with your workouts, you will be able to build muscles more quickly in a better way. You just need to focus on training your whole body such as back, legs and chest. To improve your progress, give extra time to deadlifts, squats, dips, pull-ups and bench presses.

Lift Heavy

Lifting is also very important muscle building exercise and must do it regularly. Most of the skinny guys avoid lifting heavy weights. But if your trainer understands the importance of this exercise, he will help you in lifting so that you can get maximum muscles quickly. However, you must be very careful in lifting heavy weights as it may cause great injuries. The safer way is to ask someone to help you with this.