Muscle Building Mistake – Neglecting the Posterior Chain

Butt, low back and hamstrings are three areas which are combined and called Posterior Chain. Though, this is an important area, often ignored while training various muscles groups. You might have seen the people exercising some certain area of this P. Chain such as butts or hamstrings but have never seen them training the posterior chain as a whole. The posterior chain is considered to be one of the most important training areas by the muscles building gurus as it plays a great role in helping you achieve your desired goals.

Posterior Chain picture

Most of the people are quite busy all the day long but the majority of them does all their working sitting on their comfortable chairs or even if they are driving or watching TV sitting on sofa in their TV Lounge, don’t usually find the ways to train posterior chain’s muscles and if they go to the gym and spend lots of time training various muscle groups prefer to work hard to achieve abs but neglect the P. Chain which causes some serious fitness issues and injuries.

The major mistake that you often make in your training is to train some muscle groups and ignore the others, which brings an improper and imbalance situation and lead you to the failure. Therefore, you should never be careless about the importance of whole body training. You can perform the following exercises to train Posterior Chain:


You can use the Deadlift for this purpose as it is considered the best muscle building exercise. Deadlift provides great help in developing lower areas muscle groups including posterior chain.

Glute Ham Raise

Another great technique to train your posterior chain is Glute Ham Raise which plays an amazing role in strengthening the lower muscles. This exercise works with hamstrings muscles to enable them to get strong. The other exercises that you can also use are kettlebell swings, back extension, sled drags, step ups and supermans.


Do some research on the above mentioned exercises and make them part of your muscle building plan as soon as possible.