5 Tips to Get Rid of Muscle Building Plateaus

Human body functions in an amazing way and it is fully capable to understand and adopt any changes that occur in or outside of the body. No matter what those changes are and how they happen, your body will warmly welcome them and if it does not feel any changes in your routine workouts for a certain period of time, it will produce no results at all. This unproductive condition is called muscle building plateaus in which no progress is made at all.


Symptoms of Muscle Building Plateaus

Plateau is basically a condition in which your muscle building progress becomes dull or unpromising and the most common symptom or sign of plateau is unprogressive and unproductive results of your workouts. The plateau might be in form of weight loss/gain or strength/growth of muscles. If you are unable to judge either you are progressing or not, you can observe another sign and that is tiredness or unwillingness to continue workouts

How To Prevent Plateau?

You can use different methods to get rid of that dull condition and for this purpose you can use the 5 techniques mentioned below:

Before You Go to Bed

If you don’t have something to eat before you go to bed, your body will have not calories to burn while you are sleeping. Since, you must have some good amount of quality calories to force the growth process to come into action during the night. You don’t need to have some junk foods at night but have some milk or whey protein which will be good enough for the whole sleeping hours.

The Amount of Carbs and Fat

The second effective tip that might get you out of the muscle building plateau is to reconsider the amount of cabrs and fat in your diet. Supposedly, you consume 50 grams of fat; you need to make it double. On the contrary if you have 300 grams of carbs, reduce it to half of 300 grams. Your body wants changes to make progress and if you provide it what it really requires, it will get you what you want.

Take Siesta

Make a habit of taking siesta in afternoon. It sounds strange in the beginning but when you start taking siesta or nap of about half an hour in afternoon, you will see your body restoring its functionality.

Join a New Gym

Joining a new gym will allow you to stay in a totally different environment which will help you relax your mind as well as body and the end results will restore your ability to progress.

Have an Unplanned Weekend Trip

At the end of the weak you can go somewhere or a place called nowhere. Do something different that you have never done before. You can go with your wife or your girlfriend some pleasant place. This unplanned weekend trip technique will remove all your worries and the feeling of fatigue and soon you will be seeing good results.