Nine Precautions That Should Be Taken While Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise and it helps to gain fitness in very small days. It also helps to release stress. It is an ideal exercise for a whole body. It is summertime and people are willing to throw their bodies in the water. There are various types of water for swimming purposes – swimming pool, river, pond, sea, etc. 

Maximum urban people swim in the pool to get fitness and mental peace. But some overenthusiastic people like to swim in different natural water such as sea, river, lake, etc. This article is for all types of swimmers who like to swim both in the natural and artificial water bodies. The writing aims to enhance the enjoyment of swimming. This article will help you to enjoy swimming at its full brim without any mishap.

Warm Up and Exercise

A little bit of warm-up is needed before starting any type of swimming especially when you swim in the open air iosemus. Do some light stretching, jumping, and bending at least half an hour before swimming. This will make your body warm and will make your muscles flexible. It will protect you from getting cramp in the water. Take a shower before plunging yourself in the water. It will protect you from getting the cool shock. When you enter the water, let some water enter the suit, this will allow your body to warm the water and will keep you warm for the rest of the period.

A Proper Swim Suit

A proper swimsuit is necessary for swimming. Do not wear your fashionable garments and other attire that you use in other exercises, in the time of swimming because the accident may happen. Wear those that are specially designed for swimming. When you will choose one for yourself, choose the perfect size. Neither choose too loose nor choose too tight. See whether you feel comfortable in the swimsuit. Check that you can breathe properly in your swimsuit.

Unknown Water

Do not ever try to swim in unknown water. There may be some hidden dangers that may happen in a fatal accident. You may be unknown about the water current or the depth of the water about the new place. For example, if you are to have your own pool, you might even find you need to remodel your pool so there are no dangerously shallow areas, as these things are important to know before starting any swimming. Before diving in the water, measure the depth of the water. Diving in the shallow water may break your head and neck and can be fatal. If you do not have full confidence in your swimming ability, do not try to swim without any vigilance. Take the help of a trainer in a swimming pool, oval above ground pools or swimming guard in the sea. Do not go too far from the shore. If you get caught in a current, swim parallel to the shore until you feel the current relax.

Ultra Violet Rays

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin. Too much exposure of skin in ultraviolet rays will create skin cancer in the long run. Apart from that it burns to the skin and creates skin rashes. Too much exposure in the sun also creates untimely wrinkles on the skin. So always cover your skin with a good quality sunscreen. Use a shower cap to keep your hair in control. You may cover your eyes with spectacles that are specially made from swimming because we feel irritated when pool water enters our eyes and some cannot stand it at all.

Chemicals Used in Swimming Pool Water

In swimming pool water, to disinfect the water different types of chemicals are used. These chemicals are harmful to your skin. They make your skin black and rashes often appear after swimming in a pool. So after completing swimming wash your body well. Always use soap after swimming in the swimming pool. If possible use shampoo every day to wash your hair because these chemicals are harmful to your hair also and become the major cause of hair loss.

Use of Soap, Moisturizer, and Astringent

When you remain in the water for a long time, your skin gets automatically dry and the pores of the skin remain open. So the use of moisturizer and a good astringent is a must to prevent your skin from getting dry and to maintain the elasticity of the skin. After swimming wash your body with freshwater and soap. Wipe your skin dry. Then apply a good toner or astringent on your skin. It will help to close the pores of the skin and will thus save your skin from untimely wrinkles. Then take a good amount of moisturizer and massage it on your skin till the last drop of moisturizer is penetrated the skin. Moisturizer helps to regain the softness and suppleness of the skin.

The gap between Food and Swimming

Do not swim immediately after taking food. Leave at least 1 hour after taking the major meal. If you start swimming immediately after stuffing your stomach, you may not feel well and vomit in the water. Some people also feel breathlessness in this situation. Do not swim for a long time at a stretch spydialer unless you are a good swimmer and are specialized in marathon swimming. If you want to remain in the water whole day long, take interval and hydrate your body with water, fruit juice or sports drink that will help to keep the balance of different minerals and water in the body. Drinking all these things will save you from getting dehydrated.

Beach is Hot

The sands of the beach become very hot during day time. It may burn your feet. So wear sandals to protect your feetYou may also consider wearing mindinsole reviewed by Holgadirect to release stress. Sometimes the water is not clear at all. Jellyfish, other marine animals, and marine plants may cause painful stings and allergic reactions. So do not swim if you see a large number of these hazards in the water before starting swimming. By any chance, if you come in contact with them wash your body with a diluted antiseptic lotion.

Healthy Body

Do not ever try to swim unless you are perfectly all right in your health. A healthy body is necessary for swimming because at the time of swimming one needs a great amount of energy. Do not try to swim if you have any history of convulsion. Heart patients are not allowed in swimming. People who have got surgery in recent history at any part of the body are not allowed in water for the time being. So it is better to get a medically fit certificate from the physician before starting any type of swimming.