No Medical Exam Life Insurance: The Healthier You Are, The Cheaper It Is

It’s no surprise that the healthier you are, the cheaper life insurance can be; however, not everyone wants to deal with the headaches of blood tests and waste time being assessed by a nurse or paramedic only to waste more time getting insured.

What Is No Medical Life Insurance?

Unlike traditional insurance policies, the “no medical exam life insurance” insurance does not require a physical exam before your application is approved.

No medical exam life insurance is usually available for amounts up to $100,000 if you are under 40 years old at the time of applying. Seniors can also take out life insurance “without a medical check-up,” but the insurance limit may be lower. If you need additional coverage, you may need to take a test as part of your life insurance application.

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Getting Your Life Insurance Quote

Even for the most physically fit, a no medical exam life insurance policy helps make the process quick and easy. Before you begin your search, however, you should know that not all no exam life insurance apply to all persons, especially when it comes to higher dollar amounts.

When shopping online for life insurance, the easiest way to avoid life insurance for the medical exam is to search via an online agency offering term insurance. Be sure you include “no medical examination” in your request.

After finding a place to obtain no exam life insurance, where you can search for life insurance quotes from providers such as Bestow life insurance, you must answer a few health questions. You will be asked for personal information such as gender, age, weight, and height.  This questionnaire asks you for information about your health history, lifestyle, and other items that the company uses to determine your eligibility.

Once the application is complete, life insurance agents can determine if you qualify for a life insurance policy without a medical exam.

Honesty is the best policy

Another critical factor you should keep in mind is the risk of intentionally lying on the application for life insurance. It’s easy – and undoubtedly tempting. However, if the life insurance company finds out the truth, your life insurance policy could be at risk for being canceled or your rates could go up. If you die as a result of a health problem not listed in your life insurance policy (e.g., smoking), your beneficiaries may be denied death benefits.

When completing the medical questionnaire, it is important to be as honest as possible. Before the application is approved, the insurance company will order and verify your records with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). Electronic records from any visit a doctor, hospital, or emergency room, information about your condition and treatment are sent to the MIB. If you omit or distort information about your health, the company may decline your application. In the worst case, you may even be charged with insurance fraud.

In Summary

If you are thinking about taking out life insurance to protect your loved ones, you should avoid having to go through an application review. You may already have health issues and are worried that they may affect your cover ability. You may need to quickly take out life insurance and worry that a medical check-up will significantly delay the process. Whatever the reason, the “No Medical Exam” insurance may be the solution you are needing.