One-Arm Cable Preacher Curl Exercise

When we say how to build bigger biceps, it literally means how to give the most possible tension to these muscles and this is possible only when you are using high intensive exercises such as One-Arm Cable Preacher Curl Workout.

Why to Perform One Arm Cable Preacher Curl?

  • This move greatly helps in promoting balanced amount of tension on both of your arms by giving isolation to each bicep.
  • The use of preacher bench will greatly increase the challenge as its grip enables your upper arm to be at ease while the biceps will get full stress in focus.
  • Dumbbells are also used for this purpose, but replacing them with cable is a good substitute as this will make sure that maximum amount of tension be constantly given to the targeted region.
  • Preacher curls performed with one-arm and cable put the highest level of tension on biceps which ultimately enhances the level of muscles growth to its peak.
  • While you are training with weight, you don’t have to be too fast and make sure you are lifting suitable amount of weight with moderate speed.

How to Do One-Arm Cable Preacher Curl Exercise

You are supposed to follow the under mentioned steps to perform this workout to grow your bicep muscles.

  1. Sit on the bench in front of the pulley machine with a D-handle cable.
  2. Grab the D-handle of pulley machine in one of your right hand.
  3. You must ensure that that your arm is stationary while at a 90 degree angle to the floor with elbows in and palms are facing forward.
  4. Keep you non-lifting arm on your waist as it will let you keep your body in balance.
  5. Now slowly start curling the handle to your body direction and keep the upper arm fixed until forearm touches biceps/shoulder and breathe out.
  6. Keep holding biceps’ contracted position for a few seconds and then let it go back down to the initial position while breathing in.
  7. Once you are done with the desired/recommended set, you can repeat the process with the left hand.

Recommended Reps

You can make 10 to 12 reps in one set.

Recommended Sets

In one session, you can go for 3 t o4 sets.