Oral ED Pills: Are Those Good For Health?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common ailment that a large portion of males from all over the world is facing. Many of the patients often refrain from confessing about this problem. In times, such patients also let themselves untreated due to the fear of embarrassment. But is it a problem to avoid? Well, no, it definitely isn’t. Proper treatment can cure this problem entirely.

ED refers to the inability in getting or maintaining an erection while performing sexual intercourse with your partner. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction happens due to mental and emotional stress. On the other hand, that can happen due to some underlying physical problems also. 

So, what are the remedies of ED? Among the multiple treatments of erectile dysfunction, doctors often recommend oral ED pills to treat such patients. A lot of ED patients become skeptic before they start taking oral ED pills. Even after getting assurance from doctors, they still don’t get convinced to take the pills confidently. If you’re one of those patients who are still in doubt about the pills, this article is for you. You’re going to get all the details about the oral ED pills in the next parts of the article. 

The most effective oral ED pills that doctors often prescribe


This is reportedly one of the best options among all the oral ED pills. These pills are also known as cenforce tablets. Sildenafil citrate or cenforce has an impressive capacity to deal with erectile dysfunction and cure that. The effects of this pill differ according to the stage of ED you’re currently having. For patients with mild to moderate ED, this pill will be effective up to four-five hours. You’re likely to take this pill on an empty stomach. Also, make sure that you take this approximately one hour before intercourse. 

Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

This pill has been a supportive element for all the ED patients for a long time. This is an excellent tablet that works quite efficiently. Regular intake of this pill will help you to hold your erection longer. This pill not only helps you temporarily but is also good for long-term benefits. You can take this pill both on a full and empty stomach. The pill is now available in an advanced formation that dissolves way faster on the tongue and gets quick effects. 


The effects of Tadalafil last longer than any other oral ED pill. This is a strong drug that can help you to have a better erection during intercourse. As the impact of this drug is stronger and long-lasting, never take this without a doctor’s recommendation. You’ll feel the effects of Tadalafil for around 36 hours in your body after intaking. 


This is another effective option on the list. This pill has numerous variants and different dosages. Your doctor is the right person to decide the required dosage and variant for you. No medical store will provide you with this medicine without a doctor’s prescription. The components of this pill are sensitive, and not everyone is allowed to consume the pill. Generally, doctors recommend taking Fildena once in 24 hours.

Who shouldn’t intake oral ED pills?

You are supposed to take proper precautions before consuming any type of pills as those contain chemical compounds. ED pills are no exceptions. You can’t take these pills along with certain medications as the interactions of two types of drugs can be harmful. If you are under any other medication process, the ED pills might not function properly in your body. Let’s know who are not supposed to take ED pills-

  • Patients with heart diseases mostly continue nitrate drug intake to keep their heart-function intact. Such patients should never consume ED pills. The interactions of ED pills and nitrate drugs can be dangerous and threatening for the patients. 
  • If you have low or high blood pressure, never think of consuming an ED pill.
  • ED pills are strictly prohibited for patients with chronic liver disease. 
  • In case anyone is going through regular dialysis, he or she shouldn’t take ED pills. If someone does so, there are high chances of kidney failure. 

Side effects of ED pills

  • The ED pills result in a sudden change in the overall blood flow inside your body. That’s why most of the people who intake ED pills regularly face mild to moderate headaches. 
  • Consistent body aches are also associated with ED pills as primary side effects. The reason for the pain is the same here. Due to the sudden change in blood flow, patients often suffer from body pain. 
  • Diarrhea and indigestion can also occur if you start taking ED pills on a regular basis. You might have to face a prolonged stomach-issue as a side effect of the pills. Generally, normal changes in the diet reduce such symptoms. But in severe cases, it is preferable to consult your doctor. 
  • The ED pills increase the nitric oxide level of your body. That’s why you might feel dizzy at times. You are likely to have frequent fainting sensations all day. It is possible that you might not gather enough energy to perform everyday activities. Anyway, dizziness and fainting are not good things for your regular life. So, visit your doctor’s chamber once you start feeling dizzy. 
  • Vision-changing is almost an obvious side-effect of the ED pills. Patients usually experience blurry visions and sudden changes in visions. The pills are also prone to alter your vision temporarily. But in serious cases, people often lose eyesight entirely. Seek immediate medical attention in such conditions to avoid any accident.

Apart from these symptoms, there are also some rare symptoms that you might face. Those symptoms include- priapism, hearing issues, runny nose, hot flushes, etc. 

You should always follow your doctor’s instructions while taking ED pills. If you find anything wrong in your body after taking a pill, inform your doctor immediately. Overdose can be harmful to you and can cause lifelong damage. Therefore, take all the possible safety measures and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully to avoid the side effects.