Best Outer Triceps Workouts for Big Arms

Outer triceps workouts are great if you are focusing on your forearms and biceps also. They will help you in getting well sculpted upper arms of, which all other will approve also. There is a good deal of exercises for you to choose from and train hard to get the best results. In this article, the exercises will be discussed in the best possible manner to help you boost your triceps workout.

Outer tricep exercises comprise of different muscles groups and all of them can be given the name of different heads. There are other exercises also related to the upper body, which will help you out in getting best outer triceps. But it is recommended to choose specific exercises for your outer triceps to get the best results.

  • Reverse skull crushers are best for the outer triceps if you intend to choose a reverse grip during the exercise. In this exercise you will need to change the position of your hand in an order so that the palms face directly towards your biceps. When you intend to bend your elbows, more focus is placed on the outer triceps muscles. Lie flat on an exercise bench. Make sure that your back is parallel to the floor.
  • Hold a barbell right straight above you and keep your hands at the width of your shoulder length. Your palms must face your head and is opposite to the manner in which you perform the regular skull crushers. Now flex your arms by lowering the bar and getting it closer to your head. After a pause of few seconds extend your arms but be careful about your shoulders. Do not move them during this exercise.
  • For outer triceps you can also perform the outer tricep head workout. All you need to do is change the position. You need to place your palms in a specific manner and that is palms must face opposite to your direction. You can perform this exercise while standing up and hold the barbell right above your head. Keep your arms straight and the direction of palms as told above. Manage to hold the barbell with close hand grip, a little bit closer than the width of your shoulders.
  • Perform the exercise by flexing your muscles and bringing the bar right behind your head. Your palms must face your biceps at this moment and after that you can extend the arms back to the position where you started and do a suitable number of reps.
  • Tricep pushups are a great type of lateral tricep workout. This exercise is quite similar to the normal pushup exercises. The difference lies in the placement of your hands. In this exercise you will place your hand a little bit closer and not place them at shoulder width. The angle and the distance of your hands will allow more room for the upper triceps to work in the best possible manner. If you want to get the best results place the hands close so, that their thumbs nearly touch each other.

Here we have discussed thee of the most important and effective lateral tricep exercises, which will deliver the best results for the outer tricep muscles. Now, all you need to do is take care of the exercise angles and make sure that you follow the exercise in the best possible manner.