Have Your Been Overtraining? Know the Signs

There is no controversy over the benefits of exercising because it is really the greatest source to stay fit and healthy. However, the problem with exercises is that many people do over-training which gives disadvantages instead of advantages.

Three Levels of Training

It should not be surprising because excessive of anything brings the side effects and the same case is with training and overtraining. Therefore, you can divide your training into three levels such as too much, too little and moderate.

Too Much Training

If you exercise too much, it may be more than just a problem because it may put extreme stress on your overall body functions and you might have to exercise various minor rand major problems.

Too Little Training

If you exercise too little, it may not serve your purpose and you will be failed to achieve your goal to lose weight, put on muscles or simply improve your overall body health and fitness.

Moderate Training

Now there is a middle way which is called moderation of exercises. If you follow the moderation technique, you won’t have to worry about the side effects and health problems and you won’t have to be disappointed because of not getting your goals.

Know the Signs of Overtraining

If you are doing overt raining, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • You may experience an elevated heart rate especially in the morning.
  • You may experience muscles soreness and tenderness.
  • You may feel weakness and feel slower during your workouts.
  • You may feel you have lost great amount of strength and find it very difficult to give better performance.
  • You may get ill frequently which may include fever, cold, cough etc.
  • You may get tired more than the usual days.
  • You may have depression, sadness and tension.
  • You may have higher levels of cortisol.
  • You may lack the essence of enthusiasm and sense of motivation.

What To Do Next?

  • Once you realize that you have been overtraining, you better have a break so you can recover natural level of energy in your body. If you don’t want to skip exercises, the other thing that you can do is to bring down volume and decrease intensity of your workouts.
  • If you have done some certain types of exercises with higher intensity regularly, may be now you need to take a break for at least one week so you can feel better to go back to the same workout routine.
  • However, this time, you are going to make changes in the level of intensity and types of exercises. You can use a combination of both low and high intensive exercises. The other option is to give a try to running every day or lifting some weight but using the combination is a better choice.

If you have realized that you have been overtraining and have taken an immediate break. This is the time for you to modify your workout plans. Go back to follow your training plan but don’t repeat the same mistake that you did in the past. Follow a good nutrition plan, have regular and proper sleep and also have days off.