How to Perform Decline Reverse Crunches?

This exercises targets the muscles called rectus abdominis which is considered to be the most important muscle necessary to make and keep your core stronger. These muscles are extended to the major part of the core which begins from your chest area and goes down to pelvis, and surely it is the most important factor that make it possible that you could show up your six packs. Traditional or regular one targets upper part of rectus abdominis, but if you perform decline reverse crunches, you can tone lower abs as well.


  1. To perform reverse move, place your back on floor so that you can easily lie down and as you do in traditional crunches, keep your hands right behind your head and use your palms behind your head to support them.
  2. You can also take decline bench crunch position. Give a bend to your knees while placing your feet flat on ground surface.
  3. Slowly and carefully push your chest up until the shoulder blades go off the ground but keep your head at a neutral point.
  4. Tighten your abs and push up your knees to the chest. Keep pushing your knees until you take both your lower back as well as hips off the flat surface.
  5. Slowly leave your legs to go back to the beginning point, but make sure your feet don’t touch the ground.
  6. You should not use legs to gain speed of your movement, simply utilize the lower abs.
  7. Repeat the complete exercise process.