How to Perfrom Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press

Alternative dumbbell bench press basically targets your core body areas such as your chest, shoulders & triceps. Moreover, this exclusive type of alternative bench press also helps you in enhancing core stimulation because during this exercise, you have to constantly change distribution of weight on each body side. However, it is suggested by the experts that the weakest sides of the chest should always be trained first.

Important Instructions to Follow

  • As mentioned above that this is really an effective exercise for working with your torso, shoulder and triceps. When you have physically and mentally ready to perform this exercise, choose a flat bench and place a pair of dumbbells at its end.
  • Now you will move your hands to pick up the pair of dumbbells off the ground by using palms while they are facing inside position. When you have picked them up, position them on your thighs, and carefully sit down on the bench.
  • Your next step to get yourself into a proper position is to rocking back for which you will be pushing back the dumbbells with the help of your thighs while you are bending your elbows slightly.
  • Now make yourself lay down on the bench and hold the lift the pair of dumbbells straight above the chest. This would be the beginning of your movement by alternating regular form of bench press.
  • Now both of your dumbbells will be straight up and above the chest. This is the time when you will bring down one dumbbell (preferably left). Bring it down slowly but carefully to as low as possible. Remember that the other dumbbell will still be in its position.
  • If you have reached to your limit, make a pause and then move your left dumbbell back to its initial position. Now repeat the same movement with the right arm.
  • When you are done with the above movement, your one rep will be completed and now it is up to you how many reps you would like to do.
  • On completion of the set, bring down dumbbells in a way that they would be touching your thighs and rock back to sit on the bench by using dumbbells weight.