How Positive Reinforcement & Subconscious Training can Help You Reach Fitness Goals

Believe it or not, the mind and body are definitely connected. Time and again, we have seen how motivating ourselves mentally aids in physical movement of our bodies to exercise and get results. Remember when you feel lazy, vision of you enjoying your new shape at the beach and others appreciating your body can be a great motivator for you to get off your butt and get into your workout regime.

Most of us mistakenly think that the mind and body are separate parts of the human anatomy. We generally begin to accept the way we are as we grow up into adulthood, and think that our habits, mannerisms, likes and dislikes are fixed in concrete and that we are just stuck with the personalities we become at maturity.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although there are a few cases of diehards that accept things just as they are and refuse to take ownership for their future, most of us sensibly will come to the conclusion that given a strong will and reason for change, most of us will be able to achieve some sort of change no matter what our chronological age.

How to Train the Subconscious Mind

The mind is made up of two main parts: the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is what we decipher the world and reason with, it is also called the logical mind. The subconscious mind works behind the scenes- it just accepts facts and emotions as they are without any feelings or emotions. Whatever commands we give to the subconscious mind are imbibed by it as if it were true. So if we give the subconscious mind a command that we will eat healthy food and exercise regularly to get into shape, it will believe us readily and without reservation.

What is Holding You Back?

You are the best judge of what is the best thing you can do and not do when faced with a certain predicament. You know your capacities and your limits. So you really need to do those things again. Is your fear of failure holding you back? Or that you do not really appreciate even teaming up and finishing your workouts together, because the summer season is upon us? Believe in success rather than failure because that is what will be transferred to your subconscious mind.

Change Negatives to Positives

Self defeating behavior makes us lose the battle before we even enter the field. It makes us give up or give in meekly without even trying. That is the power of self-belief.

Once you have noted the negative thoughts your mind is producing, try to find out the real reasons for them. Then change them over into positive statements that will help reinforce success. For instance, ‘I am lazy and will never be able to lose weight’ can become ‘I believe in myself and my commitment to success and will never give up till I have lost weight’ is what the turnaround is all about. Your actions complement your words. This is the way to achieve success in all walks of life.