All About Post workout Carbs

With so many people working out, there will be plenty of in the know€ gym aficionado is ready to give advice on what to do when the session has finished. There will be a clear need to build the body up after a strenuous hour at the gym, and it has long been agreed that carbs are the best things to have. The main decision will be which way to take in the carbs.
Why use post workout carbs?
There is concern that carbs are not the right items for so soon after a workout but they do serve their purpose. As glycogen will have been take from the muscles, these needs to be returned quickly, or it will be difficult to get them to do what you want them to. This is important even if the aim of the workout is to increase the amount of muscle you have. They will also increase the amount of insulin which will again benefit the muscles.

What carbs are best to take?
Now that it has been agreed that post workout carbs are needed, the decision has to be what form the carbs should take. Dextrose is a recommended one and it has its origins in plants containing starch – corn and rice are ideal examples   and it can come in natural form or be extracted and made into tablets.

Are there health risks
There can be a side effect of too much dextrose and that is weight gain as really it can be just empty calories. This is going against the idea of working out and keeping fit, so there needs to be other ways of taking in the carbs. It is muscle you will want to increase, not fat.

Do shakes work?
Some do believe that they best way to take in the needed carbohydrates will be in the form of a shake. Eating a big meal will not be ideal as you need to get showered and home, and it can be hard to eat late at night. If all the carbs you need can be taken in by drinking a shake then this will be the way to go. As time is of the essence, you can drink the shake while getting changed and traveling home so as long as you are organized, you will get your intake in the timescale that is best for you.

Other Post workout carbs options
Tablets are also a quick way to help recover after a workout. This will be even quicker than a shake and will not delay you getting ready and going home. If you believe that even minutes€™ matter, then this is the option you are likely to prefer. As with all methods, the message will get to the body that there needs to be more insulin created and the creation will begin.

However you decide to take the carbs on board, it is clear that they need to be taken in quickly. There is no harm in trying different methods and seeing which one suits you the best. You can always change if the one you choose does not agree with you or work as you would hope.