Privacy Policy is an easily accessible place for those who want to get useful information about human body, human anatomy, muscles, and muscles building exercises, workout routines or other resources to build muscles. Everyone can access this place, however, we have set some polices to protect the privacy of our valued clients and visitors.

Purpose of Setting Privacy Policy

Our policies are simple and the only purpose to implement them is to provide the maximum protection and safety to the personal information and identity of everyone who visits this website.

Are There Any Restrictions for Visitors?

The basic aim to set policies is to help our visitors and it does not mean to restrict them to use this website or the services publicly available. Moreover, we don’t have any policies which are against the interest of our clients, customers or casual visitors.

Our Services & Products

People visit our website in search of something useful or something which they don’t find to other places. Therefore, we always do our best to bring the most relevant and to the point informative data for the visitors which, sometimes, require us to get some personal information of the visitors. However, it means only to help the visitors not to bother them.

This Privacy Policy Applies Only to

This privacy policy applies only to and does not apply to the websites linked with The partner or linked websites or the third party links found on this website might have set their own polices. does not control the third party polices and therefore, is not responsible for their actions.

Personal Information

When you use our services, products or other resources of information available on this website, you might, sometime, be requested to give us with some of your personal information such as your name, address or email address or phone number etc.

Do We Ask for Risky Information

We don’t demand you to provide us with your extremely personal information such as your business records, credit cards information etc.

How Uses Your Personal Information?

This part of the policies covers how treats your personal information that is collected and received, including the information which is related to your past activities on the site or the use of services and products we offered you on the site. The personal information includes identifiable items such as your name, address, email address, or phone number. However, these are not publicly available on our site.

Why We Need to Collect Your Info?

We need to know about our clients and visitors to understand their choices, requirements, and demands. This information helps us to identify each individual separately. We can provide more privacy to the visitor and let them know about the latest updates regarding products and services. We can email them newsletters and conduct online surveys.

Cookie Files

You might also be asked to allow us to install a cookie file into your system drive which will enable us to keep the record of your activities on our website so the next time you visit us, we can give you better services according to your choices.