Discover The Principle Of Progressive Overload To Build Muscle Fast

You can build huge muscles quite fast, but hold on, that does not even mean that you can do it overnight. You will require a lot of hard work and strength in this case as a single error could lead to waste of all the efforts. It also depends on the type of body you have if you are planning to build muscles, in a short time period. Your metabolism will tell a lot about the tendency your body possesses for future muscle growth and repair. It is not all about exercising and taking the right diet you also need to focus on rest and sleep. Most of the people think that their body develops only in the gym or while they are exercising. It is not in fact true, our body starts developing when we rest and sleep as it is the time for biological clock to show progress and signs of development.

If you want to look huge, then you must have a reason for it also. You need to feel strong and look big with the help of strong efforts. It is an important point, which you must note that for developing big muscles you need to increase your exercise intensity. Let me explain here, if you plan to lift the same amount of weight for a considerable time period than your muscles will stop growing. Reason is that your muscles will stop responding to the weights as they are already used to the same amount of weight training for a specific time period. They will only remain toned and will not grow. So you must consider this point well before feeling stressed about your muscle growth, which might not be showing any progress.

When you start exercising with an increased amount of weight your muscles will respond immediately as you are providing your muscles a source of challenge. Yours muscles will have no other option than becoming stronger and responding the weights by growing. It is a natural process of muscle growth due to demanding exercises and training. You need to experience weights beyond the normal level of training and once you adopt this regime, you will be truly amazed with the results. You will feel satisfied with the muscle growth, now all you need to do is continue developing muscles and by applying more stress. As told above you can easily do this with the help of increased weights and additional reps and sets.

Now let’s combine the principle of progressive overload with the weightlifting practice. You need to complete eleven reps during the first set of the dumbbell shoulder press; you can do eight reps in the second set and five reps in the last set. You can use 50 lbs for this exercise. Now continue the plan and after some time you will notice that your muscles have stopped responding as the process of growth has slowed down. Now you can start lifting extra 5 lbs and also increase the reps per set, you will notice that you are struggling more. This will eventually lead to muscle growth as more strength is being applied. Now your muscles have a right reason to grow, while you are making them strong too. By making this small improvements in your normal exercise you will notice that your muscles are getting stronger and you are accumulating lean muscle mass.