Quads Exercises – How To Strengthen Quadriceps Fast

Working out on your lower body is as important as the upper muscles. There are many people who have great shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and abs but fail to have impressive calves or thighs. This can lead to an imbalanced over all physique as your body will give a thick and thin impression at the same time. All you need to do is start the best diet and exercise plan that will especially focus on your thighs and calves.

Here, we are going to discuss the best quads muscle exercises that will help in getting better results. It is somewhat difficult to train the large muscle groups but with the help of apt exercises, the results will start appearing within a few weeks only. There are many people who want to know how to strengthen quadriceps. This article will help those people in strengthening quadriceps with the help of strength training exercises.

build your quadriceps


These exercises are known to be the best and most effective for your lower body region. But, you need to be careful while performing this exercise. Start by standing straight and then bringing your body gradually towards the ground. When you lower your body, your knees will point in front and buttocks will poke out at the back. During this exercise your back needs to be totally straight. If you are a beginner, you need to do this exercise without any weights or external force. It will help in getting used to the exercise.

With the passage of time once you are familiar with the exercise and know the proper technique of performing it. You can start performing with light weights and then continue to add more weight to get better results. In the beginning, you will need to focus on lower reps and sets and then continue to increase them also with the passage of time. It is important to progress forward while putting some stress on your body to add a volume to the results. This exercise will help build strong quads within a few weeks.

Jump Squats

This exercise is somewhat different from the normal squats. You will not need weight or barbells for this exercise. This exercise will definitely require more strength and stamina as you will need to bear the level of intensity. You can also call it a plyometric exercise, which is of course different from the normal squats. Move your body downwards or bend it in the same manner as you do it for the squats once your knees and hips are out jump instantly. For jumping up straight you need to keep your arms parallel to the floor.

When you land again after performing the jump land with full control over your flexes, make a smooth landing and land on your toes, that is, on the front of your feet. Do not land with the help of your heel as it will destroy the essence of the exercise and the results will be unsatisfactory. You can build your quadriceps easily with the help of these jumps. It will require a fair control over the movement of your knees, back and legs. Your lower body part will also develop strength with the help of these exercises.


Lunges are a great way to build monster quads. Stand up straight and move one leg forward and bend the knee also. Do not move your back while performing this exercise; you need to keep it as stiff as possible. This will help in delivering the best results for your exercise. Move your knee further to the ground and continue moving forward without touching the floor. These exercises help in developing quads and calves at the same time. All you need to do is perform this exercise with a specific rhythm.

It is certainly one of the best exercises for increasing quads mass. If you want to get a better effect, you can add weight to the exercise with the help of dumb bells. The addition you need to make is that hold dumbbells in your both hands and perform a specific number of reps and sets. It is important to perform this exercise in the beginning without the help of any weight to reduce any chances of possible injury.

Calf Raises

To perform this exercise you will need to stand close to a wall with a distance of few inches. Place your hands against the wall and start raising yourself will your calves are flexed out. Doing this exercise in a proper manner will put some stress on your calves and will help in building string muscles.

In the beginning, you can perform this exercise without the help of any weights. Later on, you can add weight and start doing this exercise on alternate days to add strength to your lower body.

Leg Presses

They are great for building huge squats. This exercise is regarded as one of the most effective and promising in the matter of strengthening and building lower body muscles. If you perform this exercise in an effective manner your glutes and hamstrings will work to the maximum extent. This exercise basically targets the quads in an indirect manner and allows you to use heavier weights for the exercise.

In the same manner you can easily perform hack squat, normal squat and the leg press also. In the beginning start with a few reps and increase them to twelve or more reps for a single set. You can perform three sets of different reps and get the best results. You can build squats fast and also add volume to the exercise.

Single Leg Bridge

It is a helpful exercise through which you can build quads without squats. Lie down flat on the floor and spread your feet in the front. After that, bent your knees and both arms to one side and start lifting one of your legs and keep it straight while doing the exercise. Also lift your buttocks and back a little bit up and continue to squeeze your glutes. Through this exercise, you can build squads without weights. So this exercise is great for those people who cannot go to gym due to their busy routine.

Now you know how to strengthen quad muscles without weights as there are many exercises discussed above. It all depends on you how; you choose to do the exercise and want to get the best results. In most cases people neglect lower body exercises as they are dry and very tough to perform. But it is very important to address the lower body also as it will give a proper balance to you while you workout upper body muscles and continue to make them strong and beefy.