Rating The Best Weed Strains

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Those who are starting out using weed might feel overwhelmed with the different strains, we’ve all been there! You don’t know which to buy from your favourite cannabis stores like Area 52 or other online stores without getting a good smell or comparison. Different strains can affect you differently, so here we’ve put together our rating of the best weed strains.

Sour Diesel

If you’re after an uplifting high, the Sour Diesel strain is your guy. It’s currently held in high regard by the medical marijuana community for its mood lifting abilities that help combat depression, pain and stress. Sour Diesel is made up of around 20-22% THC and 0.2-0.5% CBD meaning the effects should make you happy (56% of people), uplifted (50% of people) and energetic (44% of people). However, the negative effects of Sour Diesel can be dry mouth (31% of people), dry eyes (17% of people) and paranoia (8% of people). The name of this strain comes from the aromas and flavours that accompany it, such as diesel, lemon and oak.

Overall rating – A great strain for feeling happy and energetic, although the flavours aren’t to everyone’s taste; 6/10

OG Kush

For a long lasting and euphoric high, then OG Kush should be right up your street to give you that high potency buzz you’re after. Known as the hybrid of all hybrids, this strain will give you an intense cerebral experience with 20-25% THC and up to 0.05% of CBD that helps with stress, anxiety and pain. The feelings you typically get from OG Kush are happy (56% of people), relaxed (52% of people) and hungry (30% of people). The negative sides to OG Kush are dry mouth (34% of people), dry eyes (20% of people) and paranoia (7% of people). The aromas you get with OG Kush are baked cookies with sweet and floral flavours.

Overall rating – A literal OG strain, great high that can ease anxiety and sweet flavours, however dry mouth is not the one; 6.5/10

Blue Dream

For those weed lovers who prefer a relaxing high, then Blue Dream is the one for you. It’s well-loved for its relaxing, morale-boosting qualities and it’s feel-good high that puts a huge smile on your face. With a perfect balance of 17-24% THC and 0.1-0.2% CBD it’s a perfect cocktail to make you feel happy (56% of people), euphoric (51% of people) and creative (37% of people). The negative sides to Blue Dream mean that some will get dry mouth (29% of people), some will get dry eyes (15% of people) and some will experience paranoia (8% of people). Blue Dream will give off fruity aromas like blueberry and mango as well as sweet aromas like vanilla and floral!

Overall rating – A relaxing and creative experience that can unlock thoughts. Less negative effects than others and a nice fruity aroma; 7.5/10

Pineapple Express

This strain is a satvia-dominant strain that gives you long-lasting energetic effects that are felt immediately. Originally, this strain was made popular with the 2008 movie, Pineapple Express, and now is a favourite in the hearts of cannabis lovers everywhere. The high makes you feel alert and creative with 19-25% THC and 0.1-0.4% CBD. The feelings you should expect to get with this strain is happiness (58% of people), uplifted (46% of people) and energetic (38% of people). However the negative effects that come with this strain are dry mouth (24% of people), dry eyes (12% of people), and dizziness (5% of people). As you can tell from it’s name, Pineapple Express has aromas of pineapple as well as mango and other sweet and tropical flavours.

Overall rating – A popular strain to make you happy and energetic with the lowest negative effects of them all and a sweet flavour; 9/10.