Reenergize Your Workouts to Get Rid of Exercise Tedium

Do you ever feel exercise boredom? Well, it often occur to almost every bodybuilder and it usually occur because of doing the only exercises with which you are familiar and make you feel getting progress. If you wait impatiently for the workout to end or have a halfhearted approach toward training, you are a victim of exercise tedium.

Exercise tedium usually takes place when you get stuck with the unchanged routine that continues same with no changes at all. Off course, they might be easy for you to do and you don’t have to be worried about them but doing them for long will not bring you remarkable fitness goals and there will be nothing that can excite you. What about doing some new exercises which you have never done before and can really squeeze you in amazing benefits. Check out some of the highly underestimated exercises and include them in your next workout for getting amazing results.

Single Leg Squats

Your goal might be focusing physique or strength but in both conditions, you can be benefited with single-leg squat which is also known as pistol squat. The one-sided exercise requires you to gain strength, control over muscles, and get everything in balance, mobility and coordination. The single-leg squat would be challenging for almost all the weight lifters in very beginning of this exercise routine. However, once you get settled with it, it will provides you with various benefits in building leg muscles and core strength. Moreover, it will also help the sportsmen to improve their performance.

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Remember that if you are just getting things differently, this will greatly make difference and therefore, for the real workouts, you can try ten reps for each side. You can also add amount of weight in form of dumbbells or kettlebells. This exercise is considered to be a real challenge and it teaches how you can get a proper form by coming into a controlled and more efficient manner.

Box Push-Up

The box push-up works to help you attack the smaller muscles found in lower chest area where they cannot be reached easily. This can break the tedium caused by standard form of push-up.As mentioned with the name that you need a box to perform this exercise and the box should be at least 12 inches high. However, it can be changed according to your height.

Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get Up provides controls over muscles and facilitates the quality movements more than just focusing on speed to complete the workout. This particular exercise mainly focuses on quality moves rather than weight and speed and it will greatly help you establish a link between both your upper as well as lower body.

The above mentioned exercises are often ignored but they have the real potential to generate great results and if you follow them to get rid of exercise boredom or tedium, you will see remarkable results. If you intend to perform any of the above exercises, you can find detailed instructions to follow.