Remedies: How to Get Rid of a Tan


A tan occurs when the skin tries to protect itself from harmful UV rays. The chemical that is responsible for skin tanning and darkening is melanin. Our skin releases melanin under the surface layer of our skin to absorb harmful UV rays.  If you stay out in the sun for a longer time melanin keeps releasing in the surface body to absorb UV rays—the more melanin production results in tan skin or dark skin. Most people are looking for a tan removal treatment to get rid of their tan.


Many remedies help you to fade the tan away. Following are the remedies :


You can buy a scrub from the cosmetic store. Gently exfoliating the skin with scrub lightens the tone of the skin. The exfoliating helps to remove dead cells from the skin and brightens the skin tone. During exfoliation, you must not get in contact with the sun. 


Sunburn or tanning can be treated with aloe vera gel. The gel must be pure; you can apply it on the skin and leave it overnight. Remove the gel in the morning. The aloe vera gel is an anti-inflammatory skin soother that helps to get rid of tan. During the research, the treatment expert said that aloe vera limits the release of melanin, and it also decreases pigmentation. 


Turmeric has a long history of helping the skin to achieve a bright tone. Turmeric is a spice that is traditionally used in the Subcontinent as a skin whitener. The experts believe that turmeric helps in removing the skin tan. Most people mix turmeric in cream and apply it to the skin. Moreover, turmeric helps in the skin’s hydration and promotes the natural protective oils to eliminate skin tan. Experts suggest immediate use of makeup remover or face wash to avoid residue of turmeric and its stains.

Black tea

Researchers in skin expert centres suggest black tea because black tea lightens the tan.  It also helps to remove tan on guinea pigs.

Skin lightening

Most people use many skin lightening creams to avoid the tan. The experts also suggest promising products to get rid of your skin tan. The products containing Vitamin C, Kojic acid, glycolic acid, and azelaic acid helps in removing black spots and tan on the skin. Moreover, these creams help in new cell growth on the skin. 

The above tan removal treatment may also result in limiting the melanin production on the skin.  It will be more effective if you use one active ingredient at a time. If you use more elements at once, it will result in irritation. These products must be used under supervision to avoid any side effects. The expertise of manufactured products varies and affects the tan according to the type of skin.

Remedies to avoid skin tan

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is the most famous home remedy used to light the skin tone and eliminate skin tan. Lemon contains citric acid and vitamin C that are essential for skincare. Avoid going out in the sun with the lemon mask on your face, which may cause chemical burns. 

Harmful products

The study shows that many countries worldwide are using mercury, steroids, and many other harmful ingredients. The product with such ingredients might result in temporary rid of tan. Deep down, the skin tan might appear again once you stop using the product.

Bleaching agents

Bleaching agents are an enemy to the skin. The bleaching agent contains ingredients that are used in household bleach. Besides, the retailer sells it as a whitening or bleaching product. Sometimes the bleaching agents can burn your skin, which is not easy to cure. 

Skin protection

One of the best methods to avoid skin tan is to prevent your skin from direct sunlight. You must wear protective clothes and sunglasses to avoid a tan. You can also use creams that cricketers use during the match on a sunny day. 

Parting thoughts

Conclusively, the mentioned above information is incredibly useful in preventing tan. You can always consider using the above remedies if you have a tan-related problem. Protect your skin from UV rays to maintain healthy skin. The tan fades as soon as new cells are grown on the surface of the skin. The lightening of skin tone never results in removing tan or spots on the skin but hides it temporarily.