Restore Your Confidence With Breast Implants

If your breasts are undersized, uneven, or not proportionate to the rest of your body, then you should consider speaking with a cosmetic surgeon about the breast augmentation procedure. That operation is one of the only things that can be done to enhance the size of the breasts, and it has continued to be one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. Breast implants might be exactly what you need to finally boost your confidence and restore your self-image. As a bonus, the results of your procedure could potentially last for 10 years or longer as long as you stay healthy and follow all of your aftercare instructions.

What Are Breast Implants?

For many years, patients didn’t have many options regarding breast implants, but that has all changed recently. There are now a few different types of breast implants to choose from, and each implant has its own pros and cons. Almost all breast implants have a shell made from an inert material known as silicone. That silicone shell can be filled with a few different materials, and that includes a saline solution or a viscous form of silicone. Breast augmentation surgery can be extremely effective with both of those materials, and you will need to speak with your surgeon to learn more about each option.

The Average Implant Operation

Even though almost every cosmetic procedure is personalized, the vast majority of implant procedures are going to follow a few similar steps. In most cases, the patient will be given a general anesthetic, and that means they are going to be fully asleep throughout the treatment. Once they are asleep, the surgeon can make two small incisions in the chosen locations. For the average patient, the incisions are made along the lower edges of the areolas. The implants can then be placed in the breast cavities through the incisions and adjusted so that both of the breasts look balanced.

To complete the operation, the surgeon will suture the incisions shut before placing a compression bandage across the entire chest. That bandage will minimize discomfort as well as inflammation, and it must typically be left in place for a few days. When the patient gets home, they should plan on spending at least a week in bed recovering. While they might be able to carefully move around during that time, most activities will need to be avoided. As long as there are no complications, the average patient fully recovers within five or six weeks.

A Look at Breast Lifts

For patients who want to transform their breasts, another option is breast lift. While that procedure is somewhat similar to breast augmentation surgery, it is going to address slightly different issues. The goal of a breast lift is to create a perkier and well-balanced appearance by gently altering the existing breast tissue. For the lift procedure, the incisions are generally placed along the edges of areolas as well, and patients will be administered a general anesthetic. You also have the option of combining your lift procedure with breast augmentation surgery if you want to enhance the size of your breasts and alter their placement.

Will I Be a Good Candidate?

While these operations are both very safe, it is important for patients to be as healthy as possible. During your first meeting with the surgeon, they must go over your medical history and take a look at your overall health. As long as you are relatively healthy and have realistic expectations, you will most likely be cleared for breast augmentation surgery or a breast lift.