The return of Maximuscle

One of UK’s earliest sport supplement brands, Maximuscle, is making a comeback with a brand new range of products hitting our shelves. Specifically aimed at bodybuilders, Maximuscle’s new range offers scientifically-backed protein knowledge which they have acquired over the 20 years+ they have been in business.

They have taken into consideration that not all protein is created equally. Different ‘types’ of protein have different effects which means that your results depend of the type of protein supplements you take. With that in mind, fortunately the three main styles of protein have their uses for bodybuilders.

Fast-acting protein
Whey protein is a fast-acting form of protein so is most often taken post workout by bodybuilders and sporting athletes to encourage muscle growth. Whey is a by-product of cheese manufacture after the milk has been curdled and strained. It is used in protein because it helps improve protein synthesis due to the fact that whey offers all 9 of the essential amino acids.

Slow-release protein
Casein is another by-product of cheese manufacture except this supplement is a slower acting form of protein so it is best taken before sleep. It can take up to 3-4 hours to reach peak amino acid and protein synthesis levels, so it works best by supporting your body during its rest period and providing a protein surplus to assist muscle development.

Casein supplements such as Maximuscle’smicellar casein powder can be taken alongside normal whey protein supplements because of its lower peak levels – although shouldn’t be taken at the same time as casein can slow digestion.

Vegan protein
Both whey and casein are protein supplements which are made from the by-product of the dairy industry, so for vegans and vegetarians, a plant-based protein source is important. Soy protein is the typical choice as it is the only vegetable protein that contains all the main essential amino acids. It can be taken regularly throughout the day with no recommended timings, meaning that vegans and vegetarians have protein supplements to grow muscle without the aid of meat products.

Ultimately, your diet that determines the type of protein which will work best for you. For muscle growth and development, combining whey and casein protein, you will make the most of protein synthesis. But for vegans and vegetarians, soy protein is a vegetable alternative to help muscle growth without any meat products.