Revealed: Why Golf is the Best Form of Exercise

When Golf was approved as 2016 Olympic sports, there was large hue and cry among the general populace. For, according to the majority – which happens to be non-golfers, golf isn’t a sport in the truest sense of the word. By giving examples of Andrew “Beef” Johnston and Shane Lowry, detractors tried to emphasize that golf exercise as a term is simply a misnomer.

For, according to them, there is no such thing as golf workout. Hence, these people would spend their time reading Waste King Garbage Disposal Reviews than playing golf.

However, as you may deduce from the title of this article, we don’t believe in this argument. Stay with us, and till the end of this article, you won’t too.

Here’s why:

According to a study carried out in 2011 – which compared more than 800 sports and everyday activities, golf is on par with table tennis, yoga and gardening when it comes to sports. Put simply, if you are a 14stone pound, you’d burn 360calories per hour just by carrying your bag.

Yes, golf is far behind the likes of football and cycling – which averaged at 891 calories per hour and 733calories per hour respectively, but these statistics don’t tell the whole truth.

For, ask yourself, among these sports, which one are you likely to indulge yourself for more than four hours a day? In fact, cricket is the only sport where you spend equal time as a sport, however, most of that time is either spent while fielding in the deep or sitting at the boundary rope.

Thus, when it comes to golf fitness – and that of cricket, one could argue, with justification, that both sports aren’t poles apart from each other when it comes to shedding off calories.

However, if you aren’t convinced yet, here is another study for you: this one carried by Edinburgh scientists.

In carrying out this study, the researchers took into consideration 5000 studies equating golf with wellbeing. Afterward, with evidence, they concluded that playing golf is likely to result in increasing life expectancy, improving mental health. Also, if you are an elder, there’s another incentive which this study highlights golf offers you: all these benefits increase with age.

Moreover, it was also reported that if you play golf, it could also aid against diseases such as type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer and heart disease, while also reducing the risk of anxiety, dementia, and depression.

There’s another reason why golf is the best form of exercise: its longevity. Ask yourself: how many of your friends loved rugby or soccer, but had to give it up after suffering a career ending disease. If you don’t have any such friends, just google how many footballers had their careers ended because of cruel injuries.

Have you ever wondered where these athletes went after suffering such blows? You guessed it: golf. For, the majority of people which leaves these sports due to injury range between 30-40 years of age. Consequently, they need some type of sport to fill the void. It is where golf comes into play.

Thus, the next time anybody says on your face that golf is not for athletes, use this article in general – and the stats presented in it in particular, to refute his argument.