Introduction to Rusty Moore

Rusty Moore is a well-known fitness trainer, consultant, author and creator who grabbed the attention of the readers and users when he started writing articles and blogs. He also created muscle building programs which helped thousands of people in gaining their muscles building goals. He has been providing his experts consultancy for many years which greatly helped those who wanted to get lean, sexy and impressive body physique.


He graduated in psychology from Washington University and continued his journey until he achieved his targets. His journey to get education never ended and everyday he tries to learn something new, something useful and something that can change the lives of the people.


He utilized whatever he learned from the universities and did wonderful researches in the field of health, fitness and muscles building. He spent about two decades to provide people with what they actually wanted. He has done number of experiments to test the effectiveness of what he has been teaching to the people.


Someone who have never waited to see the results of her/his struggle and hardworking, could never understand how it feels when you spend 20 years of your life in research to help other people make their dreams come true. Therefore, Rusty Moore is no doubt is a great man who spent the big part of his life so the others can live better lives.


Rusty Moore started a blog in the year 2007 with the name of Fitness Black Book in which he utilized his years of experience and research and because of that he grabbed the attention of millions of reader who were benefited with his unique techniques to get muscular looks. He also released video course and 6 pack abs blueprint which are all free. He is the creator of Visual Impact Muscle Building which a premium fitness guide exclusively designed for men and for women he separately developed Visual Impact Program. The Visual Impact Cardio is his latest creation which is a fat loss program.