S.P.O.R.T Training Principle to Break Size & Strength Plateau

An effective muscles building approach is consisted upon 3 elements called nutrition, training and sleep which might sometimes face size and strength plateaus if any of the three elements are missing or getting imbalanced. One of the tree element Training will be discussed into this article.


You must keep in mind that human body is not some kind of machinery which can run without resting but human body requires resting time or extra motivation to move it forward. The symptoms of muscles building plateau which means no improvement in size and strength might be caused by some kind of physical or psychological factors. If you notice the signs, you must try to break this plateau in the initial stage.

There are a few steps which will provide you with very useful strategies to end this stagnant situation. When you are following a muscles building program, you must know that most of the training programs based on SPORT principles which means

  • S = Specificity
  • P = Progression
  • O = Overload
  • R = Reversibility
  • T = Tedium

This five factor principle is considered to be really effective in breaking muscles and strength plateaus.


When you are choosing a training program, make sure that it fulfills your mass or strength requirement. It might not be easy to achieve your goals and you might have to face real challenge. However, remember that if the workouts you are doing are too difficult or boring, it may create plateau.

You must watch your progress for which you can use a journal to record your progress. You can also take your photos time to time and use them to measure if your training program is really working. When you observe how you are progressing, it makes you motivated and you try even harder to get more improvement and it will be really effective in breaking plateau.

Overload follows FIT rule which means frequency, intensity and time. You must remember that overload is an integral part of gaining strength as well as mass. However, if you are missing something and not getting the progress you have been trying for then you might have to bring some changes in your FIT Principle.

While you are training, you will also go thought the process of muscles atrophy which usually occur after 7-14 days when you stop training and when you move back to the previous regimen, you will greatly feel muscles soreness and fatigue. Those who perform lots of cardio don’t really know that it causes reductions in the level of testosterone in the body which puts worsen affects to the capacity of building muscles. Therefore, you must limit the amount of cardio you do everything and an ideal time duration for cardio is considered to be twenty minutes or less per session preferably 3 times a week.

You might have got bored with your workouts and most probably have stopped going to gym or thinking to quit. However, there is no need to stop gym visits but you can do something else to bring change such as spending time outside with your family, watching a good movie, or something else. This will help you refresh your mind and you will be able to focus on your workouts again.