The Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Have you ever thought to build extraordinary muscular shoulders? This article will let you know the secrets to build such great looking shoulders. The specific shoulder building workouts target the three major heads of shoulder muscles and the combination of these muscle groups is known as deltoid which is consisted upon posterior, anterior and lateral fibers. While you are doing workouts to enhance muscle mass, you must work to train all these muscle fibers.

shoulder exercises for men and women

Shoulder Exercises For Men

1) Shoulder Press

If you have ever used shoulder exercises bodybuilding, you might have tested should press which is considered to be the basic exercise to achieve your target. You can do shoulder exercises with dumbbells, barbell or through rowing machine. You can choose either a standing or sitting position. In addition to the variation of shoulder press, many bodybuilders also bring down the weight near the chin and give it a lift up move. On the contrary, some may also make a little variation and bring down the barbell right at the back side of the neck. However, this technique is considered absolutely dangerous and a wrong or uncontrolled move can damage your neck very badly.

An advanced form of shoulder exercises for mass gain is standing shoulder press which is an amazing type of free weight exercise and those who are looking for a combination of strength, mass and stability can use this great exercise for great results.

2) Shoulder Shrug

Another shoulder exercises for mass is called shoulder shrug or shoulder activity. If compared to the shoulder press, the shoulder shrug is considered safer and easier for training shoulder muscles especially the area around the neck and trapezius (upper and back part of the neck and shoulders). However, this exercise is usually used as a 2nd choice as the shoulder press is always used as a first choice because of its quicker and better results. Both barbell and dumbbell can be used to shrug the shoulders upward and downward. If you perform these exercises for increasing shoulder mass with under-control movement and with the right technique, you will surely get strength and mass. The most important thing about this exercise is that it has very low choices of injuries during the workouts and if everything is done properly, there should be zero risks of damage to the muscles tissues.

Shoulder Exercises for Mass Building – Routine Plan

Here you will also find a properly designed routine plan of shoulder exercises for mass building. The routine is usually used by most of the professional muscles trainers and expert bodybuilders. This is not a definite plan but a number of other plans you can also download from the internet. However, this routine is most commonly used and suggested to the bodybuilders.

  • Monday: Back and Chest
  • Wednesday: Hamstring and Thigh
  • Friday: Shoulder, Calves and Arms
  • Monday: Calves, Chest, Biceps and Triceps
  • Wednesday: Hamstring and Thigh
  • Friday: Shoulder and Back

This is really important to follow a routine workout plan to get impressive shoulder mass. However, there must not be over-training of the different muscles groups as overtraining will not let your body take rest and prepare muscles for the next workout session. Therefore, it is necessary to take complete rest for at least once a week.

Exclusive Shoulder Exercises for Women

A large number of women dream for a ripped and toned body physique but the problem is that some of the shoulder exercises cannot be as effective for women as they are for men. Therefore, there should be some exercises which have been exclusively developed for women to help them get the most feminine body without the risk of injuries. As mentioned earlier that to get perfect shoulder mass, each muscle groups must be properly trained and the same scenario is for women.
Below you are going to discover some exclusive tips and shoulder exercises for women and if you follow them in the right way, there shall be no hindrance in your way to achieving monstrous shoulders.

Tips for Shoulder Building

  • The first thing you have to do is to add at least tree upper back and shoulder exercises to your main workout plan and they should be performed at least three times a week.
  • The word failure seems like a description of someone’s total failure but when it is about muscles building, you should know failure is actually a successful move which allows your body muscles to keep growing. Therefore, if you are a new muscle builder, you should know that your failure is not something that should be worried about.
  • During the training, make slower movements and keep everything under control. A single rep normally takes a period of 7-8 seconds.
  • At the end of your workout, your body should feel fatigue and tired and for this, you should use the sets of at least 12 reps heavy weight.

Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are a great workout for women and if performed in a proper way, they can generate great results. Lateral raises are quite simple and easy to be performed as the woman just have to put weight in both hands while standing on legs. Move your arms slowly in straightway.


The other useful shoulder exercise for women is called pull-ups. When you do this workout, make sure that you hold the bar with underhand grip as this position would target not just shoulder muscles but also the back muscles.