Simple Hack for a No-Cost, Full-Body Workout

Do you ever go to bed at night thinking you forgot to exercise today? Not making, or taking time to do a complete workout is something that plagues most working adults. We just get so busy with jobs, families, school, and household chores that a visit to the gym seems like a rare luxury. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to have time for a full-body exercise routine whenever you want.

The trick is building the routine into your day and taking advantage of the convenience of outdoor gyms. The beauty of outdoor equipment is that they come with their own fresh air, cost nothing, and are easily accessible for the vast majority of city-dwellers. Here’s a quick look at how to do a well-rounded fitness session any day of the week, morning, afternoon, or evening.

Lower Body: Walk/Jog Outdoors

Millions of people walk, jog, and even race-walk for lower-body fitness. One reason walking is such a popular form of exercise is that it’s so versatile. You can choose to go fast or slow, cover short or long distances, listen to music or chat with a friend. Plus, you can walk just about anywhere, any time. All over the world, people walk for fitness in shopping malls, around school tracks, on paths at outdoor gyms, inside apartment buildings, on city streets, and in the woods. All it takes is a pair of shoes and comfortable clothing. Walking is probably the most universal of all workout methods.

Upper Body and Core: Outdoor Gyms

Actually, even if you don’t want to walk or jog around the neighborhood, you can do so in an outdoor gym. The main advantage of these free public facilities is that anyone can create a tailor-made routine for a total upper body workout, a set of core exercises for the torso, and lower-body routines as well. In fact, you can review a helpful guide on how to create an excellent upper body workout plan at an outdoor gym. At the same time, consider making a list of which exercises you want to do each day of the week. Sometimes, a structured exercise plan helps keep things interesting and prevents boredom. Having access to a public, outdoor facility where you can get a daily dose of healthful activity is also an attitude booster. Nearly everyone feels better emotionally when they’re done with a workout.

The Benefits?

What’s the payoff of all that effort, sweating, and moving around? Well, for most folks who work out regularly, it’s about looking fit, acquiring muscle tone, feeling good throughout the day, having more energy, sleeping more deeply at night, and building a habit of long-term health. And, if you can plan your session during or around lunch, you can look forward to a midday boost of stamina and exhilaration. For anyone who spends time at outdoor gyms, even a short session can be totally invigorating. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the natural scenery, the chance to exercise any of the body’s muscle groups, or the fact that there are no membership fees to pay.