Use SMART Rules to Set Your Goals

There are lots of people who make promises and want to do something but don’t reach their desired destination and this is only because of not having a proper plan to follow. They know they want something but they don’t think how to make it possible without losing hopes. If you have problem setting up your goals, this time you can use S.M.A.RT Goal Setting Guidelines. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based.

S = Specific

The first rule to set your goal is that it should be specific which means if you want to lose weight, it can’t be a specified goal as it is a general term. Instead if you have a specific goal, for example, if you say I want to lose 10 pounds in next 10 days, it will be much easier for you to achieve. Now you have a clear target to achieve, your mind will focus on that particular target rather than getting confused.

M = Measurable

After setting up a specific goal, you have to measure your progress. You must know what your position was when you began your workouts and what your position is when you have finished your workouts. The difference between both of these points describe either you have gained or lost. If you ran 5k in 45 minutes last month and ran 5k in 40 minutes, it means you have got better.

A = Attainable

Thirdly, your primary goals should be attainable. If you set a goal which is almost impossible to achieve than you are simply going to make yourself disappointed and therefore, it is better to have a realistic approach towards your goal. If you have never lifted weight and think to win weight lifting competition next year when there are many other lifters who have been training for many years, you might never be able to attain your goal. Don’t expect too much from your goals.

R = Realistic

Realistic approach describes that the things should be in order now as you have to implement them. Bring reality in your workouts, join a group of people who are trying to achieve the same goals. Or participate into competitions or marathon races where you will meet the people who have the same goals that you have and the mutual interests will help you make new friends who can be great support in your way to success.

T = Time Based

The last rule for setting up goals is Time Based. If you don’t set a deadline to achieve your goal, this will be too difficult for you to achieve it in time as you don’t really care when you attain what you want. Therefore, you must set a deadline or else you will be thinking to delay your workouts tomorrow, after tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and finally you will hardly remember you have promised something. When you set a deadline for your goal, announce it publicly on your social profiles so everyone knows and you find yourself in an obligatory position.