Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

A Quick Overview

1) Product’s Name:                                       Somananbolic Muscle Maximizer
2) Product’s Developer:                               Kyle Leon
3) Program Format:                                      Digital
4) Delivery Method:                                     Online access & Instant Download
5) Bonuses:                                                   4
6) Physical Delivery:                                     Not Available
7) Regular Cost :                                           $47
8) Upgrade Available:                                   Yes (VIP package)
9) Cost With Upgrade:                                  $97
10) Post-Program Package:                          Muscle Primer Program ($37)
11) Refund Policy:                                         Yes
12) Refund Claim Period:                              60 Days
13) Supplement Recommendation:             Yes
14) Supplement Company’s Name:              Blue Star Nutraceuticals

A Complete & Insight Review of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program

optIf you are the one who is looking for detailed Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer review, you have just landed to the page where you would learn everything about this muscles building program.

SMM is not the only muscles building program available in the market. In fact, there are many others that you can easily find for your body building needs. However, the actual problem comes when you buy and use a program for a few days or week and then realize that you have just wasted your time, money and efforts.

To avoid such disappointing and irritating situation, the best thing you can do is to read detailed reviews of the product you are going to purchase. Here you go with the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer unbiased review.

Introduction to Kyle Leon

authorThe author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, Kyle Leon is a popular fitness expert. Kyle has given many long years in this filed and the experience he has gained from fitness training has enabled him to combine his knowledge, skills and experience in form of a muscles building system.

How Does SMM Work?

  • The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is basically a combination of weigh loss training and meal plans. Both of these manuals are customizable which can be easily accessed and customized online.
  • Once you get online access and wish to customize the program according to your need, you might be required to provide some basic information about you such as type of body you have, your age, weight and height, etc.
  • The online software uses your information to generate the suitable training routine and nutritional meal plan for you. If you find the result includes the foods which you may not like to eat, you can even customize the plan.
  • If you are not sure how to use the software, you can use the user’s manual which will enable you to clearly understand the whole process.
  • When you are ready to generate the suggested meal plan, you will provide all the information necessary to complete the process. Once you have filled all the required information, click ‘Save Profile’ button.

profile pic

Based on the information provided by you, the software will generate comprehensive meal plans for you.

meal plan suggestions

Bonuses with the Program

The author has also offered to give four free bonuses on purchased of the main SMM Program which are as follows;

  • Somanabolic Weight Training
  • Somanabolic Supplementation
  • 7 Days Out
  • Unlimited Upgrades

All the bonuses are highly workable and you can get the access of the same once you get this system.

What SMM Users Say?

There are many successful clients of Kyle Leon and here are some of the testimonials from them available on the official website.

users feedback form

Advanced VIP Package as Program Upgrade

You can also upgrade your software to the Advanced VIP Package in which you will get the following components;

  • Muscle Building SpecialistThis advanced component will enable you to be supervised by a professional bodybuilding expert/specialist who will monitor your progress and you will be more confident to follow the system.
  • Muscle Maximizer VIP AccessThe VIP Access will lead you to the gallery of the best training videos.
  • Somanabolic SecretsThe 3rd advanced component and program upgrade is called Somanabolic Secrets which is basically a training videos database. In those videos you will find the most effective and most trusted muscles building tips and training tricks.
  • Be Rewarded with $2000Be chosen and be rewarded is a very special offer given by Kyle. In this offer, you can win $2000 as cash gift if your before-&-after pictures are successfully chosen as winner of the quarter.

VIP Package

Muscle Primer Program – Post 9-Week Program

The basic muscles training program goes for nine weeks and when you complete the training, the next most important task you will be confronting is to maintain the muscles you have achieved. Kyle might be there to help you maintain your progress but if you want to get even better for post program, you can use Muscle Primer Program which is especially offered by Kyle.


Full Money Back Guarantee

The author of SMM offers full money back guarantee which can be claimed within 60 days of the purchase. This guarantee indicates that Kyle is highly confident about the success of his system.

Cons of SMM

  • Online Software OnlyThis is online software and if you don’t have an internet connection, you will not be able to use this system.
  • Not Available in Local MarketsAs mentioned above that SMM is online software and is not available physically in local markets.
  • Large library of foodsThis is good that the software will provide you with the large library of foods which will enable you to choose the best foods. However, such huge list of foods might also make you confuse and you may not be able to decide what you should eat.
  • Terms used in the SystemEveryone is not familiar with the nutritional terms used in the program such as protein, calories, carbs, etc. which might be a little confusing for some users.

Pros Of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program

  • Quite Simple to UseThough SMM is online program, it is simple to use and everyone with little knowledge of computer can use this program without any problem.
  • Quick AccessOnce you purchase the program, you will get quick access to the whole system features and components.
  • Right to the Point ExplanationsUnlike the other authors, Kyle did not try to confuse the users by giving irrelevant and useless information. You might also like the way he explains the things right to the point without giving unnecessary explanations.
  • Customizable Meal Plans
    The SMM contains customizable meal plans and this exclusive feature enables every user to get the best foods choices according to his/her body requirement.
  • Useful VideosThe videos included in the training program are quite helpful for the users in generating meal plans just in a few minutes.
  • Huge Variety of FoodsThe huge gallery of included in the system contains approximately 1400 foods.
  • BonusesAlong with the main program, you will also get free bonuses.
  • Refund PolicyYour purchase is risk free as you will also get full money back guarantee.

Final Words About Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam – Is It real or scam?

In the beginning of this review, it was mentioned that SMM is not the only muscles building program available in the market but no doubt this is one of the most popular programs as it is searched and talked by a large number of people. Hundred of online reviews and thousands of comments about the performance of the product are good enough to understand the reliability of this system.
Kyle Leon has given the best of his knowledge and experience in development of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer and it requires hard work, dedication and consistency by you to get maximum benefits from this system.


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