How to Squat More Without Getting Stronger?

It you are interested to squat with more weight but don’t want to get stronger than the current status, here are a few ways which you can use for an increased squat without getting stronger. You might have already gained an ideal level of strength and now you might just have to learn how to get better results.

I) Using the Same Approach Every Time

Your first step to learn how to squat more is your way to step up the bar. You should see successful and experienced weight lifters that how they approach to the bar. You will realize that every time they use the same way to get the bar.

This observation will reveal upon you that you train your mind and body to stay focused on the bar not on the weight on the bar. You approach the bar exactly the same way every time without worrying about more or less weight.

II) Make Yourself Believe that You Can Do It

When you get near to the bar, don’t have any doubts in your capabilities and don’t think if you can make it or not because if you think about the failure, it will give you stress and puts pressure on your mentality which might leave negative impact and you fail to achieve your target.

Just believe in yourself that you can do it, approach the bar with full confidence as it has been observed many times that the lifters fail only because of lack of confidence. Remember that your mind is unaware of what you are going to do and what you have done before. Therefore, you have to make it believe that this is not something you are doing for the first time.

III) Try to Create Maximum Tension

Don’t just go and lift the bar but create maximum amount of tension before you attempt to lift. Keep in mind that once the bar comes on shoulders, there is no way to go back for creating tension. Take proper time to prepare yourself for the super lift before you reach right under the rack and the next thing you have to do is to maintain your strength unless you make successful lifts.

IV) Breathe Deeply

When the bar comes on the back, this is the time when you need to take a deep breathe to puts some serious pressure. Especially when you are wearing an exclusive belt, you need to breathe even harder. Using the breathing technique is not for filling your lungs but it is for putting up your chest and it makes your body look even more eye-catching. Don’t take it as a joke as it is really important and you will see its advantages once you give it a try.

V) Maintain Your Position

Try to keep your head still and this is one of the most important points which must be given full focus throughout the lift. When you keep your head in still position, it also helps you maintain overall position of your body. When you have come to the bar rack to squat, don’t shout or look at the other people who might accidentally try to distract your attention, just look at the bar.