Why Not Try Squat Variations?

Many of the serious weightlifters believe that squat is great workout for gaining great strength and size in lower body. Though it really works, sometimes you feel that you have come to the point where you don’t find it easy to move more weight as your muscles are not ready to extend cooperation with your training. However, there is nothing to worry about it as you can give a try to some old techniques which were used to get the best results in past in for of squat variations. In most situations, you find it really effective in becoming stronger and balanced.

Single Leg

You can give a try to single leg variation. You might be surprised to see the results when the work will be shifted to one leg instead of two legs. In a single leg squat, you will be required to get increased balance which makes it even more difficult, but surely it will give you great benefit. One-sided movements also brings extra benefits in improving side-to-side imbalances of muscular regions which are considered to be the key to success.

There are various one-legged squat exercises from which you can choose the best that suits you. If you are trying to improve your barbell back squat, you can give a try to pistol squat which might seems to be extremely difficult for some in the beginning but after than it will be quite easy.

Spread Out

If you are doing a standard back squat form, the most of the experts would suggest you to keep your feet pointing straight in forward direction. However, a very small adjustment in the position of your foot can give significant shifting in the group of muscles which have been worked. You can try this for size.

Spread your feet in a way that they are somewhat past shoulder-width and toes pointing outward at 45-degree angle. This little adjustment in your position, will make great difference and it will be called sumo squat. It will greatly help you in developing strength as well as mobility in your hips, glutes and adductors to a much greater extent than the other squat such as a narrow-stance squat. Many people think that this position is really comfortable for them and they get real benefits with it.

Bottom Pause

This is another variation of squat in which you have to get a pause at a bottom of any type of squat movement. This can be very simply applied to all types of squat you usually see at your gym such as pistols, front squats, back squats, and other variations. The pause will help in eliminating the stretch reaction in the muscles and enables the muscle to complete the squat properly. When you have pause at bottom of a deeper form of squat, the stretch in adductors and hamstrings helps you get a better bounce.

Get It Explosive

If you do squat fast, this will double the results. Most of the people overlook the speed of bar because it often makes exercises very easy that leads to lower productivity; therefore, most people avoid it. But of course changing the speed of your squat will make a difference greatly.