Do Squats Give Overvalue? Advantages & Disadvantages

The squat is considered to be one of the most effective muscles building exercise because of its great potential to boost production of testosterone and other growth of hormones but it does not mean that you think it of some kind of magical trick which can help you produce unlimited number of hormones. This article will reveal upon you some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of doing squats.

Advantages Of Squats

It boosts Testosterone as well as Growth Hormone

When you perform squats, you mainly work with your legs which is considered to be the largest group of muscles in human body and the physical activity with this muscles group puts pressure and stress on your overall body which makes it release additional amount of testosterone so it can deal with the excessive stress.

It Boosts Athletic Performance

By doing squats, you can increase the level of strength as well as explosiveness in your lower body region which is the most used part of your body while taking part in some kind of sports such as football, basketball, sprinting etc. It also strengthens essential muscles especially in abdominal wall and back and the improvement and strengthening of these two areas is considered to be really effective in helping all athletes.

It Prevents Injuries

One of the major causes of injuries during workouts or sports is weaker connective body tissues such as tendons or ligaments. When you perform squats, it strengthens such connective tissues and make them stronger which greatly decreases the risk of injuries.

Disadvantages Of Squats

  • Though, squats have lots of health and fitness advantages, they are still very dangerous and risky.
  • It is never safe to bring your body under a heavily weighted bar especially when you don’t really know what you are going to do.
  • You must begin with light weight which you can gradually increase one you excel in the right technique to perform this risky exercise.
  • If you don’t really know how to use a proper squat form, you can hurt lower back region and damage muscles in your legs. Another risky factor of squat is that it can also tear knee joints.
  • Squats are basically used to work with glutes which is the largest butt muscles and if you do overtraining with butt muscles, you might get an oversized backside which does not seem to be attractive and pleasing.

No matter, you are a bodybuilder, a fitness model, or an athlete, performing squat is an essential part of your training regimen as it builds mass as well as strength in overall leg. Well defined Quads and glutes both are necessary for participating in a competition and if you are a fitness model, your legs must be well built or if you are an athlete, you must have strength and explosiveness in your lower body regions. The squat is the key to achieve all such goals easily and successfully and if you learn proper form you can avoid the risk factor involved in training.