Standing Bicycle Crunch – The Best Abdominal Exercise

The researches and studies show that performing abdominal exercises can greatly help you strengthen your core which means you can bring great ease in performing your daily routine activities. The strengthening of core improves your ability to make good posture, balance the body, maintain stability and improve overall athletic performance. If you are doing muscles training exercises, you might also get injuries but doing right abdominal exercise with right form can reduce the risk of such unexpected injuries. The simple crunches are considered to be really helpful in this regard.

What Is a Crunch?

The crunch is a type of abdominal exercise and it is considered to be really good for making abdominal rectus muscles strengthened and stronger. The American Council on Exercise has conducted various researches on crunches and according to it, these are the most useful and effective exercises you can ever use to train your abdominal muscles.

How to Do Crunches?

Crunches are performed in a number of different styles by using different techniques such as bicycle, side, cable, weighted, double, standing, incline, decline, stability ball, rope, Swiss ball, cross, hanging, reverse, reverse, medicine ball, twist, butterfly, roman chair, upside down, floor, bench, supine reverse and standing bicycle crunches.

Standing Bicycle Crunches

There is a long list of different types of crunches which are performed differently and one of them is standing bicycle crunch which is considered to be the best abdominal exercises as it alleviates strengthening of muscles in rectus abdominus.

How to Do A Standing Bicycle Crunch?

Thought, the name includes the word bicycle which often confuses the users and they think they will be using a bicycle but this is not an actual bicycle you simply pretend to be cycling while standing upright. Here are easy steps to make a crunch:

  1. Stand on your feet on surface of the floor.
  2. Put your fingertips on your head behind your ears.
  3. Engage your upper and lower body areas.
  4. Your both elbows should be pointing out.
  5. Twist your upper body to right-side and Lift up your left knee
  6. Touch your elbow with your knee in middle section
  7. Do the same for about twenty times before you switch the sides or use alternative sides.