Standing Dumbbell Upright Row – Tips to Perform

If you are looking for an effective to build huge traps, you might not find an exercise other than standing dumbbell upright row that is simple yet effective.

  • This exercise will directly hit your traps as the main targeted muscle group in this exercise is trap. Moreover, you can also work your biceps and shoulder indirectly with this exercise.
  • Basically, the exercise is ideal for the beginners because of the simple steps you need to follow while performing it.
  • As the name it mentions that you are going to need dumbbell to perform upright row in standing position.
  • To make a little variation in the regular dumbbell form, you can use a straight bar which is attached to a low pulley.
  • Avoid using lots of weight and only choose the appropriate amount of weight that can be easily handled by you.

How to Perform Upright Row with Dumbbell?

  1. Stand up straight on your feet.
  2. Extend your arms.
  3. Make a slight bent at your elbows.
  4. Keep your back straight.
  5. Hold dumbbells in your both hands by using a pronated grip.
  6. Hold the equipment in a way that they rest on your thighs’ top position.
  7. Slowly lift both the dumbbells close to the chin level. This might cause squeezing in your deltoids.
  8. Hold onto this position for a second and then lower down your hands to the initial position.
  9. Do the number of repetitions recommended by the experts.