Standing Soleus or Achilles Stretch

The soleus is an important muscle located in lower back of leg known as calf. The muscle found between the heel and knee and it is directly linked with gastrocnemius muscle. There are few important facts about both of the muscles and standing Soleus or achilles stretch which you must know.

 The calf muscles area is made up of 2 muscles known as the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus.

 The seoeus muscle is greatly involved in walking and standing movements and thus considered to be really important.

 The best position to train gastrocnemius muscle is straight leg position which can be performed on donkey calf raise, standing calf raise or toe press on leg press machines.

 On the other hand, the best position to train soleus muscle is bent leg position which can be performed on seated calf raise machine.

 The majority of bodybuilders ignore the importance of calf and soleus muscles as they find it really difficult to train this region.

 They believe that they should give more focus on building and developing other muscles groups in pectorals, arms, thighs, lats and delts rather than calves and because of this, they neglect calf training and its development which is off course a big mistake.

 The Standing Soleus And Achilles Stretch which is also known as Calf Stretch is most probably the best stretch to train your soleus muscles.

How to do Standing Soleus & Achilles Stretch?

 Begin with standing on your feet.
 Create a hip distance gap between both your feet.
 Keep one of your feet slightly ahead of the other.
 Stick your heels with floor.
 Bend both knees.
 Stay in this position until you begin feeling stretch in the calves.
 The holding period may be between 15-30 seconds.
 Go back to the previous position.
 Repeat reps as long as you can.