Start The New Year Off Right – Don’t Sign Another Gym Membership

The New Year is ripe for poorly made resolutions that are guaranteed to fail. If you’ve made getting into shape your number one resolution, don’t make the mistake that thousands of other Torontonians will. Don’t trust your fitness goals to a gym where a membership is necessary!


Anybody who’s been to the gym in the city knows about memberships and – more importantly – the associated fees. Wherever your gym is in Toronto, one thing unites them all. You’re going to be paying way too much for the amount of times you visit. From the Beaches to Yonge-Eglinton to the Junction to North York, the city is full of gyms that overcharge for the use of their facilities. And in the spirit of failed resolutions, many of those who have memberships to the top gyms in the city don’t even go – which means they’re paying far too much for a service that does nothing to improve their fitness.

So if traditional gyms won’t help you achieve your resolution of getting in shape, then what is the alternative? Luckily, pay per use fitness centres are catching on in Toronto, and they’re quickly replacing membership-based gyms. Instead of locking you in a contract that withdraws automatic payments from your account each month (regardless of whether you even visit their facilities), a pay per use is true to their name. You only ever get charged for the visits you pay to their gyms. So if business, your social calendar, or health prevents you from visiting as often as you’d like, your bank account is safe.

Toronto gym centres that use this pay per use system have all of things you expect from a normal gym – except for the strain on your chequing account, of course. That means you can attend world-class boot camp, yoga, cycling, and isometric training classes lead by the city’s top fitness professionals. You’ll still get the qualified pros who are enthusiastic and concerned about your fitness experience, so you’ll still get the advice that you need to make safe and healthy choices.

You’ll also receive some of the services that wouldn’t expect from your average gym. When you visit a Striation 6 gym in Toronto, you’ll be provided with outstanding child-minding services that let parents workout without worrying about their children. Add to that their luxurious spa services, and you’ve got a well-rounded gym that provides an opportunity to relax after a hard-hitting workout. It certainly makes reaching your New Year’s goals easier when you can treat yourself to these sort of luxurious.

When you can reward yourself with a soothing massage or a relaxing sauna, making a trip to the gym doesn’t sound so bad – especially when you’re not breaking the bank to meet your New Year’s resolution. So search out a pay per use fitness centre in the city – you’ll find reaching your goals easier than you thought!