How to Stay in Shape when Travelling with Work

Travelling with work is unavoidable with many jobs. Sometimes a trip only entails one night in a hotel, but you may be unlucky enough to be away for two weeks or more. If you love to be away from home – great – but what happens if you are training for an important event and you cannot attend your regular Hit 180 fitness in Northfield class.

It is common for fitness routines to be blown out of the water when you have to travel through work. Jetlag, work pressures, and having to socialize with clients all takes its toll on your commitment to exercise. You might not be able to eat well or catch enough sleep either, which will have a knock-on effect. Luckily, there are ways to stay on track!

Make Exercise Your Constant

Travelling from city to city, living out of a suitcase and never knowing what is on the menu from one day to the next is a tough life to stick with. You will probably cope with this for a few days here and there, but if your career path involves constant travel, the novelty will soon wear off.

Sticking to an exercise routine will help you stay sane and in control. It is easy to lose momentum when travelling, but by making a commitment to exercise for an hour a day, no matter what happens, you will be able to keep your fitness routine on track.

Use a Hotel Gym

Larger hotels have gyms containing basic equipment such as a treadmill, stationery bike, and elliptical trainer. There might also be weights, but do not count on it. However, if you need to do some cardio or mat work, this could be a decent place to start.

Pack Your Running Shoes

Running is something you can do anywhere at any time. Pack a pair of running shoes and your sports gear when you travel. Make time to go for a run – if you do not know the area, ask the concierge if there are any local running trails worth trying. If not, run a few circuits around the local area.

Strength Exercises

You can perform strength exercises using your own body weight. Make it your mission to go for a walk when you first arrive. Look for a park with a pull up bar or sturdy tree branch. Use this as your go-to place for pull-ups, leg exercises, core exercises and push-ups. Mix and match strength workouts with cardio and you will be fine.

It might also be possible to do strength exercises in your hotel room if there is enough space.

Track Your Progress

Use smartphone apps to track your eating habits and workouts on the road. This will help to ensure your workouts progress.

Be sure to watch what you eat when you travel. Try to avoid unhealthy carb loaded meals and stick to high protein alternatives instead, so instead of the pasta and rice, go for steak, nuts and eggs.

Make working out your priority when travelling and be active – your body will thank you!