Steps to Perform Ankle Circles Exercise to Strengthen Calf Muscles

The calf is an important body area which covers the legs right above the ankle and below the knee. Two big muscles, called 1) gastrocnemius and the 2) soleus are found at the back of the calf. There are some important facts about the calf and ankle circles exercise which will help you to train calf muscles effectively.

If you want to work with your lower leg but don’t really know the anatomy of calf, it will be quite difficult for you to train with it; therefore, it is really important to have proper understanding of calf.

  • The weakness with calf muscles will create great difficulty in balancing and stabilizing the body and, of course, this will lead you to have ankle injuries.
  • Even the weakened calves will eventually lead you to develop immobility which is more of a problem as you will find it almost impossible to perform your routine activities.
  • Despite the extreme importance of this body area, it is often neglected and considered to be the most ignored muscles group in human body. Therefore, everyone who wants to make calf stronger must put it into different motions everyday such as running or jumping or even merely walking will benefit the calf.

How to Perform Ankle Circles More Effectively?

The most effective stretching for the calf is known as ankle circles and here are a few important tips to perform ankle circles stretch efficiently.

  1. To perform this exercise, you can use something sturdy such as a squat rack which will help you hold yourself.
  2. Raise one of your legs in air but don’t go above 2 inches off the ground.
  3. Move your toe in such a way that it makes a big circle.
  4. Once done, repeat the same with the other leg.