How Strong Should I Be for my Age, Size, Weight & Gender?

This is a question that is often asked in body building journals and magazines from time to time, all over the world. The purpose of this discourse is to put an end to your doubts once and for all. Here then is the definitive answer to this query.

The Problem with Comparing Yourself with Others

The first point I want to make is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others. Everyone has their own particular approach, speed of learning and intensity in practice. This being the case, it is really useless to compare yourself with others. The only really important thing is to compare your own rate of progress with your earlier self. So if you could lift 20 pounds as a starting weight and have now progressed to 50 pounds after two months of lifting, that is your rate of progress. There are some people who are gifted with superior strength or have good genetics behind their superhuman efforts.

The Use of Steroids

Frequently we will come upon someone who either has amazing genetics or use drugs to further their progress. They will appear to be doing better than you with no training whatsoever. This is one reason you will come across people in your gym who are larger than you in terms of muscles, and are typically seen flexing their arms and shoulders in front of the mirror, just to make you stare and wonder, it seems.

When you have someone that has amazing genetics or super ability to train well using the proper techniques, they are probably lifting more weights or doing more repetitions than you. You should not be worried on this account, since they will be making fantastic progress you will never be able to match. My advice to you is never to go overboard but remain within attainable boundaries in pursuit of your goal. You will only end up paying the price in some other manner that is not conducive to your health or freedom in the long run.

Some People are Just Stronger than Others

The fact remains that if you want to progress, keep a record of your own achievements. The best thing would be to start maintaining a food and exercise journal, wherein you would record the diet you are committing to and the exercise program you are following every day and every week of your transformation. It is just foolhardy or silly comparing yourself to others because it is the root of avarice and envy. If you compare yourself to others, you will never be satisfied with your own rate of progress and that can arrest your development even further.

So How Strong should You Be?

In my opinion, the only viable and sensible answer would be… stronger than last time. Don’t compare your height, weight, strength or anything else for that matter to anyone else on the planet. It’s okay and healthy to have a role model that you look up to, but to exactly replicate his or her lifestyle is entirely another matter. You are a unique individual and no one else on planet Earth is quite like you in every way. Isn’t that wonderful? I certainly think so. Comparing your progress to when you started, one month ago, or one week ago is the only comparison that is healthy and worth making.