The Benefits of Muay Thai Camp at Phuket in Thailand for Women

Muay Thai is the ‘art of eight limbs’ and has become an incredible workout. The cardiovascular techniques involved in Muay Thai get the entire body moving to assist with weight loss, core strength, muscle toning and sharp mental focus. Women who perform intense cardio including cross-fit and strength training have made the transition to martial arts. It is a higher-level form of fitness targeting the upper and the lower body in a single workout. Muay Thai offers a multitude of benefits for health-conscious women.

Start Muay Thai at Any Fitness Level

You may have heard about the intensity of a Muay Thai workout but don’t let this stop you from experiencing the incredible fitness opportunity. People of all fitness levels can participate. You will start with the foundation including basic jabs, punches, kicks and technique to maintain balance. Once you have mastered these movements, the sequence of Muay Thai comes together in a fast-paced and action-packed workout. The more you practice and develop your stamina, the faster and harder you can engage in the sparring and boxing regime.


Learn Self-Defence

For women, building stamina and learning how to perform defensive strategies can provide life saving support. Muay Thai is about sparring against your opponent and performing jabs, punches and kicks. The movements are finely tuned teaching you how to block an attack and strike with force. For many ladies who find themselves in a vulnerable circumstance, these self-defense strategies can quickly provide protection.

Physical Health and Well-being

If your goal is to get fit, lose weight or develop that dream physique, then Muay Thai is the best workout regime you can incorporate. It burns fat fast and develops incredible muscle tone. It can also improve your stability and minimize fragility with maturity.

Fitness for women should involve cardio and strength training. The benefit of Muay Thai is that it provides a full cardiovascular workout and resistance. You use your body weight and force behind every kick, punch and jab. Warm-ups involve sparring methods and shadow boxing for a stronger physical state.

Before you start performing Muay Thai, you will be required to train your body with running, boxing, skipping and strength training. Most women have reported dramatic weight loss by increasing their intensity of exercise through martial arts. It also helps minimize chronic disease as it promotes heart health, decreases bad cholesterol and encourages living a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet.

Visit a Muay Thai Program at Phuket in Thailand

Experience the beauty of the Thai culture while performing Muay Thai classes. In Thailand or Phuket island, a Muay Thai training camp is led by professional instructors. Students partake in group activities at the fitness facility with access to sports equipment and incredible professional support. The Muay Thai program in Thailand is structured and taught according to your current fitness levels. Suwitmuaythai and cardio knowledge are good for your fitness. You have the option to stay at the camp and benefit from daily meals. Every part of the program is tailored to support your fitness and improvements in long term health. For fast weight loss and balance in your life, participate in a Muay Thai program in Thailand.