The Best Exercises To Build Back Muscles

Developing your back muscles is very important if you want to have a balanced and well built body. In most of the strength training programs the muscles of back are ignored as these exercises are tough and in the other case to some they are risky. Most of the builders give special attention to the muscles of upper body such as chest and biceps and triceps. The muscles of upper and lower back are not focused properly, which can lead to weak back muscles. This can lead to further problems if you do not maintain a fair balance, you will find difficulty in developing your chest, shoulders and traps.

build back muscles

Once you build lower back muscles, you will find it easy to exercise the muscles of upper body, which are located in the front. You can build your back muscles and increase the strength of waistline area and as a result your posture will improve also. Once you start working on the chest muscles you will notice that the shape of your back is taking the shape of V, which looks good and muscular.

You can build up back muscles with the help of multi-joint exercises and get the best results. You can increase the strength and size of your muscles by increasing the weight after some time and allowing your muscles to bear the strength training. Building the muscles of your back is not difficult as during back exercises the muscles will work in vertical and horizontal motion. Back exercises to build muscle will include this special movement but you need to keep a balance between these exercises as s single mistake can lead to injury. If you get some sort of muscle damage then it will take some weeks to repair the muscles and start exercising again. So it is recommended to do all the back exercises will special care and attention to minimize the chances of any mishap.

Here we are going to discuss a few exercises which will help in developing the back muscles. These exercises will also help people get an answer to the question, how to build back muscles without weights.


It is a traditional exercise which is used for strength training and developing various muscles of the upper body with the help of personal efforts. If you perform chin-ups in right manner, your back muscles will be addressed properly. You can perform the chin-ups with the help of narrow or wide grip as it helps in focusing different areas of your back. You also need to have strong shoulders to do this exercise and if you are a beginner then you can take help from someone before starting. So you know how to how to build back muscles at home, with the help of a rod mounted at some suitable place.

Dead Row

It is one of the most effective exercises, which can be used to build the back muscles. You will need a barbell and grip it at a good distance which can be equal to your shoulders. You can start exercises with the help of dead lifts and the raises. You can increase your strength by repeating with a greater number of reps and sets. Now you know how to build back muscles with dumbbells also.