The Best Rated Weight Loss Routines

As you set your weight loss goal you may be, wondering which type of exercise can best help you. Well, you can find weight loss activities that actually burn calories to give you the desired results. Let’s look at the some of the best workout routines for weight loss.

Regardless of your strength and fitness level, these low-strength and high-strength exercises can help you burn calories fast whether you are on a tight schedule or not.

1. Swimming

This is a low-impact burner of calories. Swimming utilizes all groups of main muscles allowing you to burn fatand tone your muscles simultaneously. Swimming sets your body in action and it is one of the best cardio exercise option for burning calories. Even if you are not a good swimmer, the combination of legs kicking with arms propelling you forward will help you burn those calories fast.

Your choice of swimming strokes really matters. The breaststroke, for example, burns less calorie than the butterfly. If you want to top up the calorie count, then try swimming in the ocean as against swimming in a pool.

2. 10-Minute “Blasts”

Maybe you have a limited time in which you can exercise, if this is so, you can try and fit in two to four 10-minutes blasts of moderate-to-high-intensity exercises. Research indicates that these short intermissions are as beneficial as a longer period of exercising. The reason is that calories are burnt during and after these rigorous bursts. You can vary your activity according to your schedule by jogging when take your dog for a morning walk, engaging in power walking during lunch and dancing before going to bed.

3. High-intensity Interval Training

The current rage in weight loss exercises is High-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is the principle behind several CrossFit-type and boot camp exercises. HIIT exercise is a combination of extreme short bursts exercises (sprints) and a repeated cycle of lower-intensity exercises, which are generally strength-based. These usually last between 20-30 minutes but the up and down in intensity not only burns calories but improves your cardiovascular fitness when compared to longer workouts where intensity stays at the same level. Check this URL

4. Full Body Strength Training

While the benefits of long-standing metabolism are great, strength and toning exercises won’t burn heaps of calories unless the total body is involved and your heart rate increases. Building your muscle is the best way to ‘reve up’ your metabolism.

5. Tennis

Some sports are great calorie burners.  In tennis, you are constantly running and engaging your muscles when you hit or serve the ball. You can burn as much as 500 to 600 calories in an hour. In addition, research confirms that this game affects your brain function and memory positively because you are thinking while on your feet.

6. Cycling Class

Motionless cycling may not sound appealing if you do not ride a bike, however, it requires less skill and coordination than other group fitness classes. Every rider changes speed and pedal resistance to allow full participation of all fitness levels. You can burn up to 400 to 600 calories in every 45-minutes class and gain a high-intensity, low-impact cardio exercise including lower body muscle strength.

 7. Jumping Rope

This easy workout helps you burn calories without you having to use much equipment. It increases your burn rate.  You can change your jumping speed and jumping style during the workout (jumping with both feet or with only one). You can also jump rope even when you are jogging, which will boost the power of your workout.

Ensure that your body stays upright and place your feet slightly apart when you are jumping.  Avoid jumping to reach the ceiling because these high jumps are not as effective as low jumps. You can achieve your calorie burning objectives without a rope- do the exercise as if you have a rope. Check this URL for more:

8. Burpees

Burpees are full-body exercises that when done correctly will guarantee a substantial amount of calorie burning.  When done continuously, burpees utilize all the main components you need for caloric burning.  There’s the combination of resistance, intensity and muscles to produce the results you need. Here’s how you do a burpee; squat down, kick your feet out into the position of a push-up. While in this position do a push-up then jump your feet to your hands. You’re not done yet.  Jump up pulling your hands up over your head. Repeat, repeat, repeat!