The Home Gym Still Working: Coronavirus Pandemic May Barricade Your Work but Not Your Fitness Level

COVID 19 has demolished the way we used to love. Earlier in 2020, WHO declared it a global pandemic as it was spreading like wildfire all around the world? During these circumstances, everything shut down for a while to lessen human contact as much as possible. This lockdown also resulted in the closing down of all gyms.

No one should compromise on fitness because you need it these days. Going to the gym is not possible due to lockdown or pandemic measures. So, it is better to arrange a gym environment in your home. It will be a good option for you to know how to improve your core strength. 

However, keep in mind that even if gyms are closed, you don’t have to stop working out. We need a healthy lifestyle now more than ever. It is essential to keep yourself in good shape by having nutritious meals and working out regularly. Arrange a gym at home and fix some Gym Mirrors. You can also check out this guide to know how to build a home gym in your limited budget.

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Never Compromise On Your Fitness Goals 

These times are tough, but it doesn’t mean that you stop looking after yourself. Soon enough, all of this will be over, and you will be able to live a normal life where you could go to the gym. However, till then, experience the essence of home workouts and keep your body in good shape.

When you are home, it becomes really easy to spend your entire day being lazy and doing nothing, which could be very bad for your health. All the time that you have spent on living a healthy lifestyle will go to vain if you don’t continue it. So put your gym wear on, find a good spot, and start your everyday workout at-home sessions and never forget using Gym Mirrors.

Some of the most common and easy workouts that you can follow during lockdown include the following: 

Push-Ups and Pull-ups: 

Pull-ups and push-ups are probably the best exercises for your body, and the amazing thing is that you can easily do them inside your home. They help you in building great upper body strength. If you do it the right way, they will result in making your back and core muscles stronger. Doing 20 reps of these workouts every day is enough for you. 

Jumping Jacks: 

Most of the time, jumping jacks are used as a warm-up prior to doing any workout, but they are also a great way of burning a lot of calories. So even if you don’t have any proper workout plan to follow, it is good that you at least do 30 reps of jumping jacks every day. 


In case you want to increase your core strength, planking is the best exercise for that. Try holding a plank for 15 to 30 seconds at the start. Although it is hard, it will be beneficial for your body by making your belly, shoulders, and arms muscles strong. It also helps in burning excess belly fat.


Squats are another very important exercise that can also easily be done at home. They help in making legs muscles more toned and also build a very anabolic environment in your body, which results in the formation of new muscles. In case you are a beginner, doing 20 reps per day is enough. 

Walking Lunges:

This is an excellent workout in case you want to make your legs stronger. We know how important our legs are. That is why it is necessary to always keep them in good shape. If you don’t have good strength and stamina for using your legs for a longer duration of time, walking lunges are important for you. Add them to your home workout list so that you don’t forget.

Treadmill: An Alternative to Outside Jogging and Morning Walk

In case you were someone who would go out for a jog or walk every day, this time might be the worst for you. But you could buy a treadmill so that you don’t have to go out anymore. You can do cardio on a treadmill for as long as you want. Other than that, you can also control the speed and everything, so you’re the one who will decide how fast you need to run on a treadmill and for how long. 

Although nothing can replace the feeling of a good walk in a park, until the times go back to normal, a treadmill is a perfect alternative to outside jogging and morning walk. Use it wisely and run on it every day so that you maintain a good body shape even during the lockdown. 

Identify Your Strengths and Weakness: Install HD Gym Mirrors At-Home Gym

Now that you have selected a good space in your home and know which workout to do, it’s about time that you think about identifying your strength and weakness. 

Installing gym wall mirrors is a good idea, and you will enjoy your workout at home. These are designed in a way to provide you with ease to look at yourself while working out. It makes your look aesthetics and add to the value to your residence. If you install multiple large mirrors at home walls, then this will be an excellent way to improve your core strength. Moreover, it reflects the light across the area and assists the users to glow the gym. 

These gym mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. In the market, you can, but these mirrors at competitive prices. You can choose any one of the items as your need and area and demand. Gym freaks like to install these mirrors in their home-based gym. So, you can add these mirrors in a big hall that you have arranged for the Gym.

Stay Safe But Remain Confident!

You should keep yourself mentally strong and it is important to think positively. If you are not thinking in the right way, it will be tough for you to carry out the routine. Focus on being safe mentally and physically also.


Your fitness and health are highly important at this time because the only way to defeat this pandemic is fitness and health. If you are not going to the gym, then you must improve your core strength by performing workout at your home. It is possible to use pocket-friendly ways like Gym mirrors