The Plethora of Peptides in Beauty Products

Right now, within your body, millions of proteins are moving about sending signals, carrying food, or creating a building block using small sections of the proteins. Small proteins with less than 50 amino acids are called peptides, and there are dozens of different types of peptides, including messenger or signal chains, carrier chains, and building chains. The small molecules are being studied because of the way the diminutive size of the miniature amino acid chains can infiltrate the skin without losing their ability to transmit the information they possess.

Beauty Products

If you look on the list of properties of most of your beauty products, you will see a claim that it has a ‘wrinkle reducing peptide’, a ‘skin smoothing peptide’, or even an ‘age reversing peptide’ in the ingredient list. Why have peptides exploded as part of your daily beauty regime in more products every day? Researchers like Ryan Smith Lexington KY believe the answer is because of the small size of the peptide and its ability to slip under the top layer of your skin. Once under the skin, the peptide can send signals to change older cells into younger cells, make skin smoother by activating more collagen, and heal wounds with unbelievable speed. 

Reverse Aging

The ultimate goal of many consumers is to stop or reverse aging, and for most, the peptide holds the promise of such a possibility. As the older skin fills with collagen once again, a more youthful appearance is possible, and skin’s texture begins to thicken and lose the fine lines that age imposes. Peptides can trick your body into thinking your skin needs repair, so your body will immediately send out proteins, collagen, and healing hormones. The result is a more youthful appearance.

Peptides are in many beauty products right now, and their use will most likely grow as consumers notice the benefits of the tiny little amino acid chains. As researchers continue to study the possibilities of peptides, perhaps they will find the fountain of youth after all.