The Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of Boutique Fitness Studios

Most youngsters are abandoning their gym memberships and joining the more expensive boutique fitness studios. A boutique fitness studio is basically a small gym, usually 800-3500 sq. ft. that focuses on a community-type group exercise. Though these boutique gyms are more expensive there are quite a few reasons behind their growing popularity in 2018.

1. Personalization
One of the most important reasons behind the growing popularity of boutique fitness gyms is that they offer small exercise classes and this helps the instructor and the other staffs to know the members better. This, in turn, helps the trainer to recommend specific workouts to each member that will benefit them the most. Also, it makes the whole environment a lot friendlier than could be possible in the usual big gyms.

2. Specific workouts
Since boutique gyms specialize in a particular domain of fitness, their instructors or trainers have more knowledge about that particular area and this can prove very helpful for the serious fitness freaks. Different fitness gyms focus on different exercise regimen – some focus on weight machine routines, some offer cycling classes, some cheer-leading and ballet barre classes, and some kickboxing and yoga. If you are interested only in one particular type of exercise regimen then such fitness studios will be your perfect choice.

3. Extra Services
Together with workouts, many boutique gyms also offer services that help make the results of the workout even better. For instance, a nutritionist may be present to guide the members on what should they eat that would complement the kind of exercises that they are performing. Or, a psychologist may be present who would guide the members on how they can enjoy a better state of mind and how they can give up on any bad habits that they might have.

4. In trend
Some people are willing to participate in anything that is trendy. If the boutique gyms are trendier than the traditional ones then those who love to stay in trend are naturally going to opt for them. Just like people love making purchases from boutique fashion shops more than from the usual malls and stores, similarly, boutique gyms are also more attractive. Furthermore, they even meet the particular needs and are more personal and friendlier and this is something most youngsters love.

Yes, boutique fitness studios may be a little more expensive than the usual gyms but then the tailor-made kind of concept, a friendlier environment, and a trendier feeling is certainly what has already made these fitness studios immensely attractive in 2018, and it is only likely to grow in the future.