The Top 3 Things You Can do to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Visit the doctor regularly

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It is something most, if not all, women look forward to in their lives. Having a child and family is quite a gift. It is, therefore, very important that a pregnant woman does all that she can to ensure the safety of the unborn child. One of the most important things to do is to faithfully attend all the prenatal appointments that she may have. It is very understandable that some of these appointments come at inconvenient times, usually every month or even more especially towards the end of the third trimester. It may be unpleasant having to pee in a cup, get blood drawn and getting the stomach poked and prodded. However, it is very vital that a pregnant woman goes to the doctor when she has an appointment so that both they and the baby can be monitored; the baby’s growth and their health; so that any warning signs can be caught before things get out of hand.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress is a normal aspect in everyday life and sometimes it is even important to us as it pushes us to get things done. Constant or chronic stress, however, is more damaging and especially on pregnant women. Constant stress pushes the body to release hormones that can usually trigger an inflammatory response in the body, and this can majorly affect the health of the unborn baby. High-stress levels can cause stunted growth and even preterm births or miscarriages. It is therefore paramount that a pregnant woman stays in situations that are least likely to cause stress, as much as possible. They should stay rested and calm as often as they can. Some women believe that smoking marijuana or weed will help them keep calm thus help them during their pregnancy. This, however, is false since weed only has adverse effects to both the pregnant mother and unborn child. Pregnant women, therefore, should stay away from weed and other drugs when they pregnant and instead look for other ways of keeping relaxed.

Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Weight gain and Exercise

Pregnancy is a delicate time. One of the aspects that require a lot of attention is weight gain. A pregnant woman’s weight should be perfectly balanced; not too much and not too little. Excess weight gain can cause complications like high blood pressure, increased chances of performing a cesarean section during delivery or just the birth of a large baby. Low weight gain, on the other hand, can lead to premature births, growth restrictions in the uterus or just the birth of smaller babies. A doctor should advise a pregnant woman on exactly what weight to maintain in order to get an ideal pregnancy and delivery. This should be complemented with exercise, frequent exercise. The doctor should advise on the right kind of exercise to undertake, usually swimming, yoga or just taking walks. Exercise is important during pregnancy, not only because it helps to regulate and maintain the correct weight, but also because it helps reduce discomfort for the pregnant woman as well as helping the body to adjust to the strains of pregnancy. Exercise also improves blood circulation, keeping both the mother and unborn child healthy.