The Top Breast Surgeon in Los Angeles

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating facial and body anomalies caused by tumors, burns, wounds, and birth defects. Plastic surgery is also linked to cosmetic surgery, which is used to improve a person’s appearance.

In Los Angeles, California, plastic surgery is readily available for those in need o various kinds of plastic surgeons readily available to tackle body abnormalities, such as multiple traumas, infections, and burns, or to even enhance the appearance. 

There are a wide variety of plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, but one of the best plastic surgeons in the area is Dr. Chia Chi Kao. He provides the best surgery to his clients according to their desire. In fact, he has been offering plastic surgery in Los Angeles, California for a number of years.

Dr. Chia Chi Kao

In the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Kao is the go-to breast augmentation surgeon. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a nationally recognized expert in his field, with unrivaled expertise in breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures.

With over fifteen years of experience, his knowledge, meticulous eye for detail, and rare degree of artistry enables him to produce results that are both stunning as well as natural. 

Dr. Kao, with his wealth of experience, global reputation, and artistic talent, is uniquely suited to improve your appearance and provide the exquisite cosmetic results you crave. As a result, many are aware that he delivers the best plastic surgery in Los Angeles. 

So, What Exactly is Breast Surgery?

Dr. Kao is gifted in performing a wide variety of plastic surgeries, one of which includes breast surgery. Breast augmentation is a type of surgery that is performed on the breast for the beautiful look. This particular surgery is primarily used to enhance the look of your breast, giving your breast a better look.

There are various types of surgeries, including breast augmentation surgery, to enhance the appearance of your breast. This particular surgery is primarily done by women to make them more attractive. The other one is breast reduction surgery which reduces the swelling of the breast of men due to increasing in the estrogen hormone in them.

The Procedure of Breast Augmentation Surgery

This procedure is generally is dependent upon what kind of breast appearance you want to achieve. Breast augmentation surgery or perhaps breast reduction surgery or perhaps some other surgery type for the breast. The steps that you should expect for any surgery are listed below:

 During the surgical process, you will be given medications to help you relax. General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are two options. Your doctor is going to recommend the best option for you.

 To reduce visible scarring, incisions are made in inconspicuous places. Your plastic surgeon and you will discuss which incision methods are best for you.

 Doing the procedure, which depends on which surgery type you want, and then closing the incisions. Incisions are closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue and with sutures, skin adhesive, or perhaps surgical tape to close the skin.

 Over time the incision lines will fade. The quality of a scar is determined by a variety of factors, including your anatomy, infection susceptibility, and nicotine use.

Types of Breast Procedures:

Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Breast augmentation is a process to enlarge or even change the shape of the breasts. Implants are placed behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle for breast augmentation. An implant is a sac filled with either sterile salt water (a material or perhaps saline) called silicone.

The surgery is completed at an outpatient surgery clinic or perhaps in a hospital. Most females receive general anesthesia for this surgery. You are going to be asleep and pain-free. In case you receive local anesthesia, you are going to be awake and will receive medicine to numb your breast area to block pain.

Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is an operation that enlarges the breasts.It involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or perhaps chest muscles.

For many females, breast surgery is a means to feel much more confident. Others use it as part of their surgery for a number of purposes. You have to consult a plastic surgeon if you’re considering breast augmentation. Be sure you understand what surgery involves, including potential risks, follow-up care, and complications.

Breast Reduction Surgery:

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, requires the removal of extra fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts. If you’ve large breasts, you may decide to have breast reduction surgery to ease discomfort or perhaps to achieve a breast size proportionate to your body.

Breast reduction surgery can increase your self-esteem and ability to engage in physical activities.

If you’re worried about getting breast reduction surgery, you can talk with a board-certified plastic surgeon first. It is essential to understand what breast reduction surgery entails, including complications and risks potential, also set realistic expectations. Successful breast reduction surgery can relieve pain in your upper back, shoulders, and neck. It may also increase the ability of yours to take part in physical activities and promote a far more positive self-image.


Fees for cosmetic plastic surgery generally are paid before surgery. The consulting fee is often deducted from the process.The consulting fee is often deducted from the process. The cost of surgery varies greatly depending on the type of the procedure, where it is performed, and which anesthetic is used.

The price of a breast procedure mainly depends on which type of surgery you desire. The price range may differ according to the surgery type.

Never select a doctor solely based on lower cost. You should entrust your body or face to the plastic surgeon with whom you are most secure after checking for approval by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in ASAPS. Dr. Kao is one of the top breast surgeons in Los Angeles and can be contacted if you need breast augmentation.