Thermogenesis PXP System: What is it and How does it Work

Cell Therapy and Gene therapy are now widely recognized to treat several diseases. In cell therapy, cells are transferred in a patient to cure a disease or lessen its symptoms or side effects. While in gene therapy, a new gene is added inside the patient’s DNA to cure the disease. In most cases, DNA or RNA plays a significant role in treating deadly diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, and diabetes.

Thermogenesis is a well-known organization that aims to cure diseases by developing technologies that eases out the process of cell as well as gene therapy. One of the widely recognized technologies of Thermogenesis is the PXP system. It is an equipment which is specially designed in such a way that the bone marrow concentrate is procured quickly without losing much of the stem cell yield &  ensure that there is extremely low amount of red blood cell contamination obtained as a residue. When you opt for the PXP system, you will get a PXP® Disposable Cartridge, PXP® Docking Station, PXP® Control module as well as PXP® DataTrak Software.

Read on to learn more about the PXP system.

The PXP system is everything that a Clinician requires. Below are a few of the vital areas where PXP delivers with quality.

  • Without a sedimentation agent or cell separation media, highly hematopoietic stem cell recovery is achieved with the PXP System.
  • An automated sterile system is used which makes it possible to process multiple bone marrow elements at the same time. With the usage of the sterile system, the bone marrow concentrate is attained within a span of 20 minutes.
  • It consists of a PXP Control Module. You can leverage the module to have detailed and accurate cell concentrate volume.
  • With the help of the DataTrak software, you can prepare clear-cut documentation. You can make records specific to the bone marrow sample and track them whenever you want to analyze the data.

The PXP System is developed in such a way that almost 98 percent of RBC depletion is achieved. Let’s see the process which takes place in the system in brief

  1. First of all, the sample from the syringe is loaded into the central chamber of the PXP® Disposable Cartridge.
  2. Now, the Centrifugation process takes place. Cell types are separated as per their density levels.
  3. The residual Red Blood Cells is separately stored in a chamber while the primary bone marrow concentrate is stored at another space. All these processes take place inside the PXP® Disposable Cartridge only.
  4. You can collect the bone marrow concentrate safely after the procedure has completed. Rapid concentration is obtained within 20 minutes.

This was all about the Thermogenesis PXP system that you can use to get rapid and pure bone marrow concentrate. If you are an industry partner looking for systems developed for better clinical work, visit there  website and check out their different products. Reach out to them and they will be more than happy to provide the necessary solutions to you assessing your needs and requirements.