Things Bodybuilders must know about Carbs

There are many bodybuilders who are not aware of the benefits of carbohydrates as they are still under the concept that carbs are calories that are turned to fats by the body. And as we know that body builders don’t need fats, they want muscles so they avoid all sorts of carbs and fats. But have you ever pondered what is the relation or deal between bodybuilding and carbs?

An Implausible Pair- Bodybuilding and carbs:

While you are bodybuilding, your body needs lots of proteins which are converted to muscles. But you also need energy so that your body can pump iron and speed up your muscle building process. And body uses your carbohydrates as a key source of energy. Your body converts your carbs to glucose, which is then spread to body cells providing them their required energy for biochemical processes. Hormone insulin brings glucose from blood to cells and extra glucose is converted to glycogen which is stored in liver and muscles. And if still glucose is left in the blood, it is converted to fats. When you hit the gym or start your fitness regime, stored glycogen is used for providing energy to muscles.

If you have enough carbohydrates, you will not be requiring other things for energy. And if you are not having enough carbs, your body will automatically burn your fats consuming energy from them. If you want to lose weight, then this is the best way but taking energy this way will be less energetic and your body will use proteins for energy. And if this is the case, then how will you be able to make muscles?

Due to all this, it is important to intake carbs but make sure that you are taking the right carbohydrates that will maximize your bodybuilding efforts.


Best Way to Take Carbs during Bodybuilding:

Carbohydrates are important when you are trying to build muscles. But it is also important that you must know which carbs must be taken and which should be avoided. Here are few tips that you can follow to gain lean muscle mass by including some good carbs in your diet:

  • Try avoiding simple carbs and look for complex carbs. These carbs will help you work out longer and will provide you with ample of energy. Moreover, they will reduce the fat storage and will stabilize your blood sugar.
  • To boost your insulin levels, it is important that you take carbs at least an hour before and after workout. This helps in building more protein in your body. Moreover, it helps you gain your desired energy for workout and building muscles.
  • Try to eat carbs regularly but the amounts must be controlled. This will balance your glucose levels and if portion is not controlled, it will be converted to fats.
  • Try eating proteins and carbohydrates together. Your body requires lots of energy to process the proteins. Carbs will help you gain the desired energy to process proteins at the same time will help build lean muscle mass.
  • While building lean muscle mass, it is important that you must avoid the intake of fruits. Fruits have fructose in them which is a simple sugar and will result in storing fats in your body.

How are Carbs helpful in Bodybuilding?

In simple words, carbohydrates are required for gaining the desired energy to perform all sorts of workouts. As mentioned earlier, carbs help in boosting the insulin levels to help perform anabolic activities. Moreover, it stabilizes your sugar levels and efficiency of muscle building processes. But make sure that you are taking complex carbs instead of simple ones.

Important Crabs for Bodybuilding:

To maximize your bodybuilding efforts it is important that you must fix your diet and take proper nutrients. Here are few important carbs that you must include in your diet while you are trying to build lean muscle mass:

  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • Green vegetables
  • Other complex carbohydrates

If you are well aware of the relationship between carbohydrates and bodybuilding, you will be more confident while taking them and will be conscious in their selection. But always remember try taking complex carbs and take them frequently but make sure that you are taking them in small portions.

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