This is Why Using a Weighted Blanket Is Good for Your Health

Anxiety is probably one of the greatest health hazards of our time. Many people try to measure their worth by overworking themselves to death or by facing impossible situations on their own that ends up taxing their mental health in the long run. Let’s not forget that anxiety leads to stress and it could end up badly in a stroke. Trust us, no one wants to go through that.

While there is a lot of advice out there to handle anxiety and stress, the best medicine you can experience to an ongoing feeling of unrest is a night’s worth of sound sleep. When we are handling multiple thoughts in our head, it may be difficult to get some sleep on a schedule. A doctor can help you out on that regard with a prescription, but you can help yourself with a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket doesn’t work the same way as piling a bunch of blankets on top of you as you sleep, regarding the weather conditions of your place, this could create more problems as your body heat is significantly increased. A weighted blanket is made with special material that can facilitate your dream and help you sleep in a steady position.

Sleeping with a weighted blanket can help your health in a great way. Given the number of options available on the market, you probably need to consult a specialist about what is the better choice for you, since they are sold in accordance with your height and weight. The following is a list of the benefits you get out of a weighted blanket in the short run:

  • You will be Able to Overcome Anxiety and Insomnia

Let’s clear up the air about how weighted blankets work. When you lay down in your bed and cover your body with them, the blanket press down your body to the bed. This is commonly known as “grounding,” and it help’s your body stay relaxed in a still position. When you rest your body still, the levels of Cortisol on it get reduced a lot.

If you are wondering what is Cortisol right now, the easiest way to explain it is by calling it by the street name it bears: is the stress hormone that is produced by your nervous system when you are under pressure for any given reason. There are a lot of causes for a Cortisol rush in our body, even the thought of going to sleep! By grounding your body, the levels of the hormone decrease in a matter of moments.

  • You will be Able to Calm Your Body

A lot of people try their best to keep a proper sleep schedule, but many of them can’t because their brains are very much active when nighttime comes. Many people go to bed thinking about what needs to be done as soon as they wake up and that’s no way to live. While we can recommend a therapist on these lines, we can tell you that using a weighted blanket reduces the activity of your nervous system a great deal.

Studies across the internet will show that if you use a weighted blanket proportionate to 10% of your body mass, you will have a 90% chance of having a full night of sleep without interruptions. Think for a moment when was the last time you enjoyed that (especially if you have kids) and that’s a figure that is worth considering as a benefit for your health. All matters related to the act of conciliation of sleep should be consulted with a doctor.

  • They Can Help the Treatment of Disabilities

Many of the benefits of weighted blankets listed so far seem to be focused on the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. The fact is that they are beneficial to treat patients who may have sleep deprivation because of other disorders such as bypolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorders by lowering the levels of serotonin in the body.

A quality weighted blanket can also help people with autism since they can work as a facsimile for a hug. These blankets are also pretty useful for anyone dealing with sensory processing issues, such as people who feel unrest at all moments. It can also help anyone who has troubles getting focused to calm down and get his bearings.

  • They Can Improve All Mental Processes

Since we touched the topic of internet studies previously, some useful data that is easily researchable is the fact that weighted blankets can help people in their waking hours to deal with their mental processes. Kids suffering fits of hyperactivity can focus their attention better if they handle a thought-processing task while enveloped in a weighted blanket at any given moment of the day.

Another study confirmed the results with many of the participants showing a great deal of improvement in the in-seat behavior they needed to complete a task. The results also revealed that the performances of these persons were achieved at the average speed and rate of attention required by a normal person to get the task done successfully. People with ADD and ADHD are currently undergoing a third study to check if weighted blankets can improve their behaviors as well as their ability to focus.

  • Weighted Blankets Are Non-Medicinal Products

This one requires an explanation: most of the Canadian weighted blankets available on the market can be bought without a medical prescription. As we have stated a few times in these lines, the well-being of your mental health and the conditions that you need to rest can only be studied by a professional. He will most likely recommend the blanket along with a few other measures to back it up such as medication and therapy.