Tips for Achieving a Complete Body Makeover

It’s the aspiration of many to achieve a body to be proud of. Whether it’s a lack of tone in your muscles, a portly belly, or breathlessness through a lack of exercise, there’s plenty of reasons why individuals decide to embark upon a journey of complete bodily reinvention. The trouble is, with so much information out there, it’s difficult to know where to start and, in many cases, you’d rather spend two months working hard on yourself than many months gradually chipping away at your goal. This guide is aimed at those who’re looking for super-quick results, attaining a body makeover through complete dedication to increased fitness, better health and a body you can celebrate.


The first point of order is the time you’re going to have to dedicate to this mission: you’re going to have to be ready to spend a good deal of your time and energy investing in your body and your health that you previously dedicated to leisure activities. If you’re prepared to make this transition, you’ll be best-portioned to follow the tips outlined below. If you’re not, try and set aside some time every week to concentrate on achieving your body goals.

Most people looking to change their body dramatically are constrained slightly by the obligations of work and family life and as such may find it difficult to engineer enough time to properly pursue a watertight fitness regime. Nevertheless, by picking apart your schedule, you’ll find enough time to hit the gym: you’ll just have to consider solutions such as getting up earlier, going to bed later, or heading out for a run on your lunch hour.


As well as time, you’re going to need to sustain the motivation to persevere with your regime through the times in during which you feel like you’re flagging, ready to turn back to a less fitness-oriented lifestyle. Setting goals and objectives is an excellent method of maintaining motivation. These can be formed around weight loss expectations, higher weight stresses on the machines in the gym, more lengths completed in the pool, or faster times running your favored jogging routes.

In this sense, it’s important to monitor your progress as you forge forwards with your regime. Buy a stopwatch and make notes of your sessions as you progress through your regime week by week. Celebrate objectives being met, and create new ones that further your fitness. Remain upbeat and engaged in your plan, but never forget that your body requires a certain amount of off-time too, so don’t feel guilty for taking a rest day every now and then to indulge yourself.


Front and center of your bodily makeover must be your dedication to a new and intense fitness regime. You have two main avenues you could go down in this regard: the first is a personal, self-driven and personally-motivated regime that you plan and execute without assistance; the second involves getting help from personal trainers or intensive fitness camps designed to push you through your paces in a way that’s going to get every last bit of energy out of you during every session. It’s the second avenue that’s recommended for the quickest results.

Personal trainers are incredibly useful sources of motivation when heading towards ambitious fitness goals. Like fitness camps – intensive courses that involve fun and ferocious exercise for a period of weeks – they’re also pricey, and it’s a monetary and time investment that you’re going to have to make to really surge towards your goals. Consider taking out a personal loan to help fund this journey towards fitness excellence: find out more by researching online and considering which loan is most appropriate to get your new regime off the ground.


As well as the exercise goals outlined above, you’re going to need to dramatically change your diet. This is because you’re aiming at an eating pattern that consumes more carbohydrates – to replace those burned through exercise – and less harmful substances such as processed foods, fats,and oils. You’ll get the necessary information to kickstart this new dieting regime online, by searching for healthy diets aimed towards athletes – or through a dietician, who’ll set out some of the habits worth forming in your meal and snack schedule.

By and large, if you’re exercising frequently enough, it’s not so much what you eat but when you eat that’s important. Never eat directly before you exercise as your body won’t be able to digest and workout simultaneously. Instead, make sure you eat within an hour of finishing exercise – even if it’s just a carbohydrate or protein-rich snack – so that your body doesn’t crash through lack of fuel. Don’t be alarmed if your appetite increases as your volume of exercise does: this is natural and is a sign that the fitness side of your bodily makeover is going well.


The final component of your fully-fledged health regime is your lifestyle: an undervalued but incredibly important factor that draws everything else together. When it comes to the way you lead your life day to day, you can generally separate your tendencies into good and bad habits. Bad habits include smoking and drinking, overeating, late nights with little sleep, and long periods spent in overindulging relaxation in front of a television, computer or games console. Cut these down, or quit them altogether if possible.

Good habits are easy to instate and become quickly inculcated into your daily lifestyle. Take walks to the store instead of driving, or eat fresh food instead of processed or frozen meals. Choose new activities and experiences over comfort, and ensure you’re taking the rest time to replenish your body’s energy and health. Make regular visits to the doctor to check on your general health, and be aware of your body’s aches and pains so that you don’t strain yourself through overworking. ‘Good’habits will do far more than helping to curate your desired new body: it’s good for your overall health too.

These tips are appropriate for those with the commendable ambition of fast-tracking themselves into a better state of bodily health, taking the time to focus wholeheartedly on one’s fitness objectives in order to reach a place where you’re proud of your body, whatever size or shape you happen to be.